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January, 2016
In March 2012, I had a sinus infection in my right nostril. It started with a persistent leakage of pus followed by painful congestion in my forehead, eye and cheek areas. My condition gradually worsened as I was not responding to the numerous antibiotics and medications I was prescribed for. All praise and thanks to our merciful God, nasal cancer was ruled out after a series of tests and scans.

In February this year, I had to undergo surgery for the condition which by this time had become chronic sinusitis. However, a month after the surgery, I was no better. My nostril was still leaking pus, I was still changing antibiotics, put on steroids and visiting the doctor weekly to drain out the pus. My case was eventually assigned to a Professor-Doctor at the hospital. He expressed surprise that I was still not well and made changes to my medications yet again.

By this time, I was miserable and frustrated that all the medications I had been taking were not working on me. The leakage had become extremely profuse and my nose was sore from the endless blowing and wiping it had been subjected to.

Seeing me so, my sister felt I needed divine healing and encouraged me to attend your 19 April 2013 healing rally which was being held in my parish of the Church of the Risen Christ in Toa Payoh, Singapore and I looked forward to it. It so happened that I saw the Professor-Doctor on 18 April and he put me on new antibiotics for a two-week course. I started my new antibiotics on the morning of 19 April and was devastated I wasn’t going to make it to your healing rally that night when I suffered from gastritis and nausea. In the evening, my sister asked if I was attending the rally and I told her about the side effects of the medications I was experiencing.

During the rally attended by some 2,000 plus, my sister told me later on, you announced that the Lord was healing people with sinus infections and then you prayed for those with sinus infections. My sister stood in for me. This is what you told my sister, "Tell your sister to thank the Lord for what He is doing to her right now for nothing is impossible for God." That night at home, I prayed that Jesus would touch me and all who had come to your rally with His healing Hand.

The next day, the leakage had subsided considerably and suddenly on that same evening, I felt air passing through my right nostril and the thought came to me that my nostril was dry and I was healed! When I blew my nose and absolutely nothing came out, it was such a profound moment for me as I fell to my knees exclaiming, “My Lord and my God! Thank You, Jesus for healing me and freeing me from this chronic condition!” A great weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was filled with unbelievable joy and peace.

When I was examined on 2 May, the Professor-Doctor was amazed at my incredible recovery and commented that my sinuses looked so normal; it was as if I never ever had a sinus problem at all. He said he just did not have an explanation for it.

God bless you, Bob Canton & your Healing Ministry, and may the Holy Spirit continue to empower you as you minister (whether conveniently or inconveniently) to people all over the world. It’s been seven weeks since I was miraculously healed and joy is still bubbling over in my heart! We are looking forward to your coming back to Singapore next year. Praise the Lord! How great indeed is our God!

Agnes Lee
Block 200 Toa Payoh North
Singapore 310200

April 25, 2016
Hello brother Bob, Please say my hello to your wife Chita & to Jim as well. I am Martina. You prayed over me in year 2013 when you conducted a Healing Crusade attended by thousands including Buddhists and Muslims in Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia. At that time I was paralyzed. You told me to continue to thank and praise Jesus Christ because "He is healing you for His glory and honor and to let you know and the people here that He is alive and that He is still in the healing business." That was what you told me. A few months later I stood up and walk and walk and walking normally until now . Jesus fully healed me. Thank you so much. People here are so amazed what happened and many have beenen converted to the Roman Catholic religion because they have witnessed many who stood up from their wheelchairs, many blind people able to see again, deaf people are no longer using their hearing devices, and many people giving testimonies of healing of cancer and other illnesses and people who had been attacked by demonic spirits had been freed by the Lord Jesus. Until now people are still talking about those amazing healings. Truly Jesus is alive and He is still in the healing bussiness as you have proclaimed and and He loves us no matter what. I'm praying for you and your ministry and many people here are waiting for you to come back to Malaysia again.

Martina Ida Laja Proft
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

May 23, 2016

I received a healing of a locked jaw which I have suffered with for several months. After the praise and praying in tongues, I felt strange & different. I wasn’t sure what had happened until Bob Canton called out that someone was healed of a jaw. I realized that it was me, the pain was gone and I had movement & flexibility again.

I have had a sore shoulder since January. In April the Doctor diagnosed it as bursitis and gave me exercises to work on it. Last night I felt an intense heat on it and no pain afterward. Praise the Lord. Thank you for the true feeling of being loved unconditionally!!.

Experiences God’s healing! Prior to the conference I have a hemorid for a few days. After being prayed over last night, this morning it was gone. Praise & thank God.

No Name:
Last night during the healing service, I have arthritis in my right knee and wasn’t sure if I was healed and I was asked to catch people and was able to do it. Praise the Lord

Healing of pain in lower back and shoulders Friday night.

Healing of my left leg. I stepped on, my steps in my house front door. I could now walk without my Cain. Thanks so much for the Lord’s healing and prayers. God is a healer.

On Friday I prayed for inner and outer strength. Although I still have body pain, my middle back is stronger and I can stand straight and for longer periods of time. Last night I asked for more strength and received the confirmation that I was blessed with this grace. I also was given a vision. I stand in a boat during a storm. I stand firm as I hold on to Jesus hand.

My son I brought to the conference. He is 13 years old. After Saturday evening, he told me God had convicted him why not to watch horror movies. He also was prayed over and asked for healing from negative thinking. Praise God.

For myself I am thankful for renewal. I have been renewed. I knew I needed this when I came. God convicted me to forgive a few people. Praise God. I now will move forward to forgive.

Last Friday at the healing session, I felt my heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism & prostate were healed. I will go to the physician, the cardiologist and endocrinologist to confirm this. Praise the Lord, He is really good and merciful

There is no room to list all but I am born anew, He has revealed all, there are healings in areas most needed

I have received the gift of Faith. Before the conference I wanted to separate from my husband but now I have the Faith and strength that our marriage will be best with prayers and not to fight, flight or freeze.

Jesus has been with my elderly friend during after heart surgery & especially last evening allowing him to have a full night’s sleep after not sleeping due to anxiety, panic attacks for two weeks.

I wore a hearing aid for two years and now I hear.

May 5, 2016
Brod Bob, thank you for all your prayers. My sister-in-law Susan who had a cardiac arrest and was comatose for a week is now home functioning well and no deficits! This is really a miracle in a strict sense of the word. The Lord is the Healer and He answers all our prayers. We are also praying for you and family and ministry. God bless you.

Praise God!
Cora Munoz

June 24, 2016
Last year, in May(2015) you came to Edmonton & I was one of those 15 people who were healed instantly from hearing loss during your Healing Service. Praise & thank God for that healing. I enjoyed hearing everything without hearing aids for over a year now. Last year I bought 2 copies of your book, "Miracles Never Ending". I'm using one & I gave the other copy to my mother. It really helps me everyday of my life by praying those prayers in that book, especially the Healing and Keeping Prayer, Prayer of Empowerment and Spiritual Warfare prayer. Those prayers were just like my "spiritual bread & butter" everyday. I used to have severe migraine headaches, and after I have been praying those prayers, no more migraine attacks for a long time, thank and praise God! My dad, IGNACIO has been partially paralyzed from stroke in 2014 but thank God he's still alive and he has been doing better everyday. My mother and I have been praying those prayers that's from your book every night. We pray those prayer also for the healing of my father.

I thank you for that amazing book that you wrote. I hope you would write many more books about the healing power of God to help many people to receive their healing. I also pray for you and your ministry. As you said, God is good, all the time!

Thank you brother Bob for touching many people's lives, especially mine and my family members.

Daisy Gogerla
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

August 2016
At one of the conferences I attended either around 2010 in New Jersey, I asked God if He was truly working thru Bob Canton, I wanted proof of this, I asked God in my prayer to confirm it.. As I walked up to the line for healing. When it was my turn. Bob all of sudden told me everything about myself and what I had been through. That I was addicted to drugs and healed of it, that I went to Medjugorje, and a lot of other things God would only know about me and nobody else, since I never met or talked to Mr. Canton before.He told me I still had a spirit of addiction above me. He prayed and told me he bound and rebuked it in Jesus' Name and cast it to the foot of the Cross of Jesus.I asked God to forgive me for my unbelief and that I was a doubting Thomas.Thank you God for working miracles thru brother Bob Canton.I am a believer that you are working thru this Holy man of God. And Bob I was amazed at the healing of my 90 year old mother in law Frances Sheridan at this August 19,20, 2016 Catholic Charismatic Conference in Washington Township, New Jersey. You told my mother in law that the Lord was doing an "overhaul" on her. Jesus healed her eyesight and her deafness the very moment you prayed over her in the presence of hundreds of people including some priests, and she is walking better thru you Bob by the power of Jesus. No more sunglasses inside the house or anywhere. The light doesn't bother her eyes anymore. She is happy she can see and read the paper now. We all do not have to talk real loud for her to hear us. She can hear loud and clear now. She looks much younger now w/ a glow on her face. She was dancing at the conference after healing w/ legs lift high. AMAZING. I hope that woman I met who told me she has video of her healing and dancing will send it to you. The day after, she joked with me saying, I wish I asked Bob to ask God for a new set of teeth and to make me look 20 years younger.God really did an overhaul of Frances my 90 year old mother in law.Thanks Bob. Much peace and love thru Jesus and Mary, J ohn B. Mastrobuono. Thank you Mr. Canton for saying "Yes" to God.

August 27, 2016
Dear Bob, I really enjoyed your preachings, teachings, and ministering during the East Atlantic Catholic Charismatic Conference in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada two weeks ago. My hearing has been healed and I haven't worn my hearing aids since that Saturday night, Aug. 13, 2016. I look forward to seeing you again when you return in 2018. The people here are clamoring for your return. It seems that they could not get enough of your teachings and preachings, and especially the Lord's powerful healing presence and power. You made my job of MC much easier for my first time, thank you. - Mike (Michel) Guitard God Bless you, your family and your ministry!

Sept. 13, 2016



Sep 30, 2016
During the Kanto Charismatic Conference in Chiba Japan, on Sept. 23-25, 2016, I had witnessed so many healings. The deaf, the blind, the paralytic were able to hear, see, and walked. Some cysts and tumors were gone. This was verified by Dr. Francisco from Okinawa who was present during the conference and examined those people before and after the Healing Service. He told the people after the Healing Service that he could no longer feel the tumor or cyst of people that he examined before the Healing Service took place. After the Mass last Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016, Bob came to the priests' vesting room together with Haruyo, the Japanese interpreter, to thank all of us seven priests who attended the Conference.

I had Bob Canton pray for healing of my left foot. It was the after effect of the bone fracture, and sometimes I fell down when I walk. He picked up my two feet while I was sitting down, and he showed me and Haruyo that my left foot was shorter than the other. Then he started praying, asking the Lord to lengthen my left foot and he also commanded my foot to be on the same length as my right foot in the name of Jesus. To my surprise, my left foot grew out. It was the first time that I had witnessed something like this. I felt a change immediately. I walked around inside the room without any pain. Since then, my left foot stepped straight forward in the same way as the right foot. Every day I am able to walk normally. My body doesn’t turn to the left anymore and I have not fallen down when I walk since then.

As Bob was praying over for my healing, he told me that he received a vision of me inside a closet. He asked me if it meant anything to me. I was very surprised why he knew about it. I told him that when I was about 10 years old to around 13 years old, I was sometimes tied up with a rope by either my mother or sometimes by one of the members of my own family, and then they put me inside a closet in the house and left me in for a long time. My family told me all the time that I was a bad boy and that they didn't like me. It affected me so deeply that depression had developed 20 years ago. Up until last week, I take medicine every day for it. From the time of childhood days, I was convinced that I was loved by God all the time, but at the same time, I felt "all friends" disliked me much. I also feel that most of the priests that I know look down on me and I feel they avoid me when they see me.

Bob told me that he has a vision of Jesus with me all the time when I was imprisoned inside the closet. He said Jesus was crying with me inside the closet and that Jesus was holding me and loving me. Bob said that he heard Jesus telling me, "my son, I am with you and I will never leave you. I'm crying here with you my son." My heart became calm day by day since then and I feel like something is melting inside of me since Bob prayed over me and told me about his vision. This healing is a precious present for me from our God. Because I am already old, I hate nobody and I forgave my family and I am happy and at peace because I know Jesus loves me and He will never leave me. I feel that the depression is gone and I'm looking forward for more blessings from God.

Thank you, Bob. We will meet in the house of our Master and will always be united in Christ. In the meantime, I would like to see you back in Japan next year as you promised to us.

Fr. Kei Francisco X.

Oct 8, 2016
Thank you so much for praying for my wife Mariko! Yes I witnessed so many miracles Jesus had done with you and through you during the Kanto Conference in Matsuhari, Chiba, Japan. First one, the Catholic nun from Okinawa. I saw her at St. Francis feast last night. She can hear now and she needs no hearing aids any more. I was personally touched when I witnessed many who were deaf could hear, some were walking without the help of canes and walkers.

The greatest testimony is I think the faith of many has been strengthened !

I checked three people with lymphoma , one lady showed immediate soften tumor and a big decrease in size of the tumor. The day after the Conference, I examined another lady. Her tumor was totally gone. One lady from Okinawa who has athelom on her neck but her orthotic orthosis was very much improved instead and could dance on stage the next day ! Many coxalgia low back pain patients have also been healed during your prayer session. Thank you for letting me confirm the healings of many who attended the Conference. As a medical doctor, it means a big thing to me.

By the way, our bishop in Okinawa gave us permission to invite you to Okinawa next year.

I hope and pray you could come. Thank you so much for your ministry and for saying yes to our invitation to have dinner with us in Tokyo the day before you left for Akita. Please tell me what month next year you could come to Okinawa.

With prayers
Francesco Toshio Uehara

Oct 11, 2016
Dear Bob,
Sorry for the delay in sending you some of the testimonies.

*One lady said: Bob's talks were very concrete and useful. I also thank Bob for the healing ministries. The Lord taught me many things through sharing with brothers and sisters. On 25ths morning at 6:30, I went to the room where the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. The room was still locked. A lady came along and said that the Lord has led her here to share her testimonies with you. The suffering and pain that continued for many years had now become her "treasure". Through sufferings, she realized that she owns nothing but now she will be satisfied with what the Lord will be giving her. It was only about 10min.'s sharing, but this lady was crying and I felt the depth of her sufferings.

*I hear that a lady in wheelchair with Parkinson's disease refuses to use her wheelchair anymore although her family is anxious to watch her move about on foot.

*I am grateful for the healing through Bob' prayers. I could not raise my right arm, but now I can raise it. A huge big lipoma (an adipose tumor) on my back had softened and become smaller. It is still getting smaller and smaller. But, the greatest of all is, now I know that a wall is kind of broken, and I feel the Holy Spirit going right into the depth of myself (spirit).

*Mother and her son in his thirties.
This mother often phoned us crying that her son is repeatedly acting violently towards her, and what we could do most was to tell her that we will pray for her and her son. She was even asking us if we knew someone who could deliver his son. But during the Conference, the mother was smiling and happy. We were so happy to see her completely changed face. She is grateful that they could make it to the Conference (it's not easy to take her son out). That they both attended Mass, received the Holy Eucharist. Her son made confession after 15 years. She continues to pray "The Healing and Keeping Prayer" everyday. Praise the Lord. God is Good!

*As for myself, I have not been using my hearing aid anymore, but I still cannot hear the words clearly during the Prayer Meetings and homilies. I trust that the Good Lord is healing my hearing a little by little and I am very grateful.

ps: It will be great if you can make it to Okinawa nest year.


October 18, 2016
Hello Bob: thank you for praying, by telephone, over our Prayer Group member, Frank Gonda who has been confined in the hospital. I had received a call from his daughter and she mentioned you and you answered the telephone when I called. When we called you they could not get Bro. Frank to wake up. He was in a very serious condition. After you had prayed over him that evening, early the next morning he opened his eyes. A few hours later, he started to communicate again. Bro. Frank said that your prayers "brought him back to life". You had also told his daughter that she should have the priest administer the sacrament of the sick which she had done the next day. He is improving and should be discharged from the hospital later this week. The Lord does hear the cry of the poor, as the bible says. Thanks again for your continued prayers.

I would also like to thank you for your prayers for me. Remember I called you over the telephone the night before I underwent a mammogram last week because my doctor had suspected something wrong? As you were praying for me over the telephone, you said the Lord has a message for me. This was the message, "My daughter worry not because I am taking care of you. Trust in me fully because I can do everything for my children. You are my beloved. Everything will be OK in my name." Of course, the message was very comforting to me. The results of the mammogram the following day shows that everything was normal, praise the Lord. When I was a little anxious that evening before I called you, I realized that I was being tested. I also prayed the Spiritual Warfare prayer in your book, "Miracles Never Ending," to banish the enemy. That was very effective. Thanks again for your prayers.

Joan Dundas
Los Angeles, Ca.

Oct 20, 2016
Dear Bob,
I received some testimonies from Okinawa.

Sr. Johanna's deafness were healed instantly and now she feels it's too noisy and needs some adjustment by God. She does not use her hearing aids anymore and she had lost them!

Her eyes were healed at the same time. She used to wear glasses, but after you prayed over her for healing, she could see clearly again. If she uses glasses, she was unable to see.

But, as she drives every day, and her driving license is with the glasses on, so there was no other choice, but to wear glasses while driving. She is going to the doctor to ask him what to do now.

There was a person who had something in her throat, and she was unable to look downward without any irritation and pain. She was planning to get it checked at the hospital. But, instead, she came to the Kanto Conference in Chiba unexpectedly, she came with great determination to get healed. When Bob asked those attending to place their hands to their forehead or to any part of the body where it's was hurting or needed healing, she put her hands on her throat while Bob was praying for healing for everybody. After the prayers, there was no more pain when she bent her head. She said she felt something came out from her throat while Bob was praying, commanding sickness to leave in the name of Jesus.

A lady who was told by her doctor that her bleeding was not curable, so she has to live with it. But she was healed completely when Bob prayed over her. No more bleeding.

She told me she was going to tell her Buddhist doctor that Jesus healed her.

There were many more healings, but as I do not know the details, I cannot mention them now. Bob, by the way, can you stop over in Tokyo next year for a few days of ministering here on your way to Okinawa? People have been inquiring when you are coming back in Tokyo again. Please inform me of your coming.

With our warmest wishes and prayers,
Kaoru Masuda
Tokyo, Japan