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Testimony of Extraordinary Healing - Marko

Brother Robert Canton,

Thank you for your ministry and the healings and blessings that you have brought to so many through the grace that our Lord Jesus Christ has given to you.

Last Friday evening I stood up at Holy Infant Catholic Church, in Durham, NC and gave this testimony. “Fourteen years ago, in 1997 I stood in this very sanctuary with my pregnant wife, Joy. We had suffered two miscarriages in the past; one before our daughter Kimberly (born in August 1993) and one after. This pregnancy already had some challenges. Joy had gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and unexplained bleeding. She was very worried about the pregnancy and asked me to bring her to Bob Canton’s healing service on a Friday night.

Bob laid hands on Joy and she felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit flow through her body. Bob also told her that a curse had been lifted from her. I also, “rested in the Spirit” for the first time in my life that evening which was an exciting and remarkable experience in itself, while four year old Kimberly played in the pews with her teddy bear, “Pinky”.

Joy must have thanked me 100 times that evening for brining her to the healing service. As the pregnancy came to term we discovered that Joy had low lying placenta. The delivery was challenging, but resulted in our son Matthew, whose namesake means, “gift from God”. Matthew is now thirteen and a half years old. He was born on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception.”

I was 36 years old when I married Joy. We are truly blessed with both of our children. Shortly before Matthew was born I started reading the bible daily through a person we entertained in our home who was a friend of our nephew in New York.

Two years ago we were blessed once again at Holy Infant Catholic Church. I was seeking fellowship with Spirit filled Christians. I recalled the healing service with Greg Acedo where Joy received the healing touch from Bob Canton. I found out when the Servants of God Prayer Group met and brought the family there. As fate would have it, the meeting was held in a private residence that evening because Greg and others were out of town. But the good Lord placed Bobby Pascual in our path. He was bringing the youth to an event in Charlotte, NC and everyone met at Holy Infant to get on the bus.

Bobby later introduced us to Couples for Christ – NC; a branch of the international organization (CFC) that was started in the Philippines and went global. Joy and I are the Raleigh “Couples Coordinator” for Youth for Christ (YFC) which is the youth group inside of CFC. So many blessings have flowed into our family because of our associations with these ministries. We will never forget that God used Bob Canton, Greg Acedo and Holy Infant to draw us close to him.

May God continue to bless you and bring you His peace,

Chuck & Joy Dufresne

Dear Bro. Robert,

I would like to tell you the details as to what happened to my sister Lucille to be able to testify how Powerful and Almighty GOD has been!

My sister Lucille, who was with us in our recent pilgrimage to Israel, collapsed early morning last June 14. She was brought to the hospital via 911 and was in a comatose state. The doctors who treated her at the emergency room said that she was unresponsive and remained in coma for the next three ( 3 ) days. The doctors diagnosed her condition as Encephilitis. Since I just left her in Hawaii to come back to Manila, I was in panic and in the state of shock knowing that I had just spoken to her the night before she collapsed. The only thing on my mind was to find a way in helping her out with her condition. This led me to call you in California to ask assistance in prayers for my sister. You responded by giving her a pray over on the telephone last June 17.You said that the Lord was healing her and that she should recover. You did not have doubt whatsoever and you told me to keep on praying and thanking the Lord. Although I was still worried about my sister, but deep inside I felt a little bit consoled by what you told me.

It was such a miracle that she opened her eyes the next morning, although disoriented and she did not know what happened to her, she was very conscious of who she was and knew what her name was. I knew that this is the work of GOD through your action...We received a blessing from Him! My sister is now OK!

I would like to thank you and express deep appreciation for your help. You were the messenger from heaven to us!

Sincerely yours,
Hilaria Golamco
Manila, Philippines

Thank you so much dear Br Bob for praying over my mom two weeks ago in Astoria. You remember the lady in the wheelchair who was able to walk and then to dance with you and asked you to sit down on the wheelchair? She was pushing the wheelchair with you in it around inside the church? Well she looks and feels 10 yrs younger and everyone is amazed by the improvement! She is now doing things that she has not been able to do in the last ten years or so! Hope your ministry continues to grow through the years and we continue to pray for you and yours, and everyone who comes to you for healing... Best of luck and blessings on all your future endeavors and may we all continue to be protected by Mother Mary's maternal care. Hope to see you once again here in Astoria in the very near future. Many people are wating for your return... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for all you've done for me and my family. Having been diagnosed with ALS last fall, your payers has given me hope and stopped the progression of my disease. After each phone prayer, I feel better and better. This is against all the doctors have told me to expect. I want to thank you and the Lord again and again.

And, two years ago, my bother in law was stricken with an unexplainable lung problem with shortness of breath to the point of hospitalization. The Doctors performed surgery to no avail. They were lost what to do next. You prayed for him last Dec, and almost immediately, he began to improve. In a very short time, he completely recovered. We attribute his miraculous healing from the Lord through your prayers. We all thank you.

Jean LaBlue
Pacific City, Oregon

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for ministering to the people at Blessed John XXIII. We had a good time and we have seen the Lord acting and ministering to the parishioners.

I have the testimony of a gentleman named Michel who had sciatic nerve problem, he could not bend his knees for months. He is a nurse and could not perform his duties well. He attended the session on Sunday and the Lord touched him and he told me that he had very little pain and that he can work much better.

Patrick sufferered from lower back pain he attended the session and since then he did not have anymore pain.

Praise the Lord, Blessed be His name on high!


Dear Bro. Bob,

I would like to thank you for your prayers for healing of my back injury. The fracture has healed and I have been able to get back to work and normal life again.

God bless you, Smita

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for all you've done for me and my family. Having been diagnosed with ALS last fall, your payers has given me hope and stopped the progression of my disease. After each phone prayer, I feel better and better. This is against all the doctors have told me to expect. I want to thank you and the Lord again and again.

And, two years ago, my bother in law was stricken with an unexplainable lung problem with shortness of breath to the point of hospitalization. The Doctors performed surgery to no avail. They were lost what to do next. You prayed for him last Dec, and almost immediately, he began to improve. In a very short time, he completely recovered. We attribute his miraculous healing from the Lord through your prayers. We all thank you.

Jean LaBlue
Pacific City, Oregon

Bro. Bob,

Praise the Lord for his mercy through you, that i witnessd many healings during the retreat and healing seminar sponsored by the filipino catholic charismatic communities in Rome.

Recently i talked with some people who attended the Healing Rally, one person had eye problems because of the diabetes now is healed, a teenager almost blind eye and consequently affected the other eye now can see again, some tumors gone, many deaf people were able to hear, many suffering from backpains were healed, and healings of rheumatism, asthma, allergies, took place including inner healing and many more. God showed up and many were touched. We are waiting for your coming back in June in Assisi for ICCRS conference and also for your return here in Rome this coming September for a series of workshops and healing services.

Thank you Bro.Bob for sharing with us the Grace of God, and the joy in your heart and your humility was felt by those around you..
GOD IS REALLY ALIVE and moving through you!!! and HE LOVES US ALL!!!!! I also informed Oreste and Amelia in ICCRS office about God's favor for us here during your visit.

Keeping you and your family in our prayers.


Judy Maramot
Rome, Italy

Hi Bob

I was among the thousands at the healing rally held at the Risen Christ Church in Singapore on 8 and 9 March. Gerard and Jessica Francisco are friends of mine.

For the past two months I was suffering from inflamed nerves running down from the back of my neck, down my left shoulder and into my left arm. I could not lift up my left arm. I had to wear a collar. Pain killers gave temporary relief. They were beginning to affect my digestive system .

I went to the rally determined not to lift my hands in prayer or to even clap. I prayed to the Lord to heal me. As I sang in worship, I felt my arms being lifted, slowly and gently. I felt a great peace. Then I felt tingling sensations in my left arm and shoulder, like something was being unknotted. Suddenly I realised that both my arms were fully raised up! Praise the Lord!

I can fully raise up the left arm . The pain is gone totally.

I thank and praise the Lord for his goodness to me. Thank you Bob for being such an instrument for His healing and thank you for the teachings you gave. I have been going to daily Mass for many years but until that night I did not realise how powerful is the healing Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. I agree with you that the Mass is a powerful source of healing because we encounter Jesus in the Eucharist.

Keeping you in my prayers.

God bless, Gwen

Dear Bob,

It has been two months since we had the healing rally in my hometown of Ligao and Legaspi City both in Albay Philippines, Feb.2nd and 3rd,\what a blessing and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ,whose mercy and love is never ending. From a simple invitation of my friend Fe Enriquez and prompting of the Holy Spirit the vision became a reality,with great anticipation and excitement,after our long trip from the US our hearts were filled with joy,to see thousands of my fellow Bicolanos awaiting eagerly for the word and healing touch of God.Numerous healing both physical and spiritual and emotional happened. I witnessed so many healings beyond my expectations. Our God is a God full of power and mercy.

We have seen the wheelchair bound walked,one lady her name is Adelina whose eyesight has been affected by her diabetes can see more clearly,a lady doctor who has constant pain on her upper extremities was healed instantly,my sister who has frequent palpitation claimed healing,and many many more,the people indeed were very thankful for all these blessings,that took place,because of these,the people of Albay is inviting Bro. Bob again for another healing rally,from the bottom of their hearts they thank God,for Bro. Bob

Praise and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Tessie Sideco, Spatswood, N.J.

I attended the Life In the Spirit Seminar this weekend conducted by Bob Canton from California. As I was sitting in my wheelchair with tight hands and feet which I frequently suffer due to Multiple Sclerosis, As Brother Bob prayed over me and lay his hands on me, I truly felt both hands and both feet free of all tightness. I've had Relapsing Remiting Multiple Sclerosis for 18 years now and can't remember feeling them free. I attribute this first of all, to Jesus, my healer, and to Robert Canton's prayers, relationship to the Lord and manner of his ministering and teaching and touching all present at his renewals of the Holy Spirit to have caused this miracle. After sharing with so many fellow Catholics, the sense of unity and goodness was so very present. I will continue to walk slowly and dance with my walker until God blesses me with a total cure. After all, I once saw Jesus staring at me showing my daughter to dance disco. I know He can and will cure me totally, and I will do that and much more with her, my son, my husband, my mom and my entire family which has always been so supportive of me and my cross. May The Holy Spirit Cure me totally in Jesus' name at the time He sees fit. Maruschka Villavicencio, Cape Corral , Fl.

Praise God ! Dear Brod Bob,

I want to share my testimony with you today. The LORD has blessed me today.

I attended your service on 14th Nov in Sharjah - UAE, there i came with my husband believing for a blessing, which i am blessed with today.

You called out all the couples who were planning for a baby & i came out with my husband to receive my healing. Even before you could lay your hands over me & my husband, i was filled with the Holy Spirit, not able to control my weeping.

And as you laid your hands over me, i felt down on the floor shivering in the Holy Spirit, & i knew at that very moment that God had blessed me with a baby. For nearly 6 months after the service every month, i would have hopes that i was pregnant, but the enemy would take control over me by bringing negative thoughts to my mind & that there were times that i lost hope & faith in God.

Finally i took a firm stand & started rebuking the evil one in my life & i just remained cool & took things lightly. At that time i told God to take control over me & guide me the correct way. I believed that when you prayed over us, something very beautiful happened inside of me & it so happened that on my B'day 13th April i believed that God had given me this gift & it came true. I was tested positive for pregnancy in the month of April. I heard also that there are other couples who came to your service who are now expecting babies.

Since then God is in control & he is taking care of all my troubles & worries. I really believe that God answers our prayers. I thank God for blessing me with this new life & also thank you & your ministry for the prayers.

As the scripture promises ''Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you'' Mat 7:7

Love Shal.

Bro. Bob & Fr. Bill,

I am forwarding the following testimony and gratitude from one of our parishioners. Isela Parson is daughter of Laura Carrillo who suffers from stage 4 vulvar cancer. God is so awesome, know what we need for sure. Even though her mother is not healed physically she did receive healing. Please continue to pray for them.

God Bless & see you soon with God's help.

THANKS a Million!!!! God has definitely put you in our path for a reason and I am truly grateful. From the day of the retreat she has been better, like a burden was lifted from her. I pray all 3 prayers that Bro. Bob gave us, everyday as well and even went to confession after 15 years. (WOW)!!!! You probably don't know how much you have done for us and I am blessed to have you in our lives. We certainly do not know God's plans for us but we know that whatever his will is it shall be done. I am a lot more at peace and not so angry. Thank Father Bill and Bob for me. They are truly a God send to us.

The power of Prayer shall set us free, so I thank you for continuing to pray and appreciate that you will be seeing Father Bill this weekend in AZ and glad to know that he and so many others are still praying for our community. Please let Bro. Bob know that my mother had gone to confession, but never realized all her sinfulness until he prayed over her. When you spoke to my mother after Bro. Bob prayed over her she felt that God told her to let go and he was going to take care of all her pain. I believe the pain that God took from her was a emotional & spiritual one not so much the physical pain of vulvar cancer.

I will continue to pray for your sister-in-laws compadre George. I know the burden they must be feeling at this moment, cancer is sometimes devastating especially when not detected early. I feel their pain and anguish.

Also, thank you for giving me your phone number, I promise NOT to abuse it. Once again thank Fr. Bill and Bro. Bob Canton for bringing God to our family.

Isela Parson


My name is Bertha Lopez, I belong to Jesus. I attend the Blessed Sacrament Church in El Paso,Texas.

On February 4th ,2011 my husband and I were invited to a Healing Retreat at Christ the Savior Church in El Paso, Texas. Father Bill Halbing, and Brother Robert Canton were Guests Speakers and Healing Ministers. At the frist service on Friday night, Brother Bob said that the Lord was healing intestines and stomach problems and digestive system problems. He said that the Lord was melting away tumors or abnormal growths in the stomach area. I was prompted to go up front, but was a little hesitant; because I had a navel hernia and I thought that it might not be for me, but the urge for me to go up front was very strong.

I had had the hernia for ten years and even though I had been prayed over for it a number of times, and had been asking God for a healing, all these years it hadn't happened.

The doctors kept on telling me that they were going to do surgery on it but it never happened. The reasons being some doctors had moved out of town and also because I didn't have the money nor the insurance to cover the cost, so they never proceeded with the surgery. Finally my latest doctor told me that what I needed was to lose weight and hopefully the hernia would shrink.

All this time I waited and nothing happened. The hernia kept growing, but it never hurt or bother me at all. So I got use to it; until the night of the Healing Retreat. A few minutes after Bro. Bob announced the healing, I immediately touched my abdomen and the ball or abnormal growth was not there anymore. It was big and hard, and suddenly it was gone! I felt like dancing at that very moment.

I am so elated that I wanted to shout out from the roof top. Instead I went to tell Bob what happened to me, what the Lord did for me. The Lord can do it for you if you are willing to wait on Him. For He says in Isaiah 5:8-9, "your thoughts are not my thoughts and your ways are not my ways. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways and my thoughts above your thoughts." From the time on, I keep on praising the Lord. He knows when, where, and how to heal us. HE IS NEVER LATE, AMEN

Sincerely in Christ

Bertha Lopez
El Paso, TX.