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Testimony of Extraordinary Healing - Marko

Glory be to Jesus Christ forever!

I am writing in my testimony of my being healed through your prayers. I attended the ICCRS Leadership Training Course at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio where you were one of the main speakers in September 2010. During the last night's ecumenical healing service that was led by ICCRS at the Steubenville Urban Mission, you called out to the crowd through a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal someone from depression. I have had depression most of my life ever since I can remember. I was already so blessed in my life being a candidate for the Diaconate with the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) and a part of this ICCRS Leadership Training Course with you that I wished that it was me that you were calling out to in the crowd, but I thought there has to be someone else that suffers more than I do as I never ever thought that it could or would be me.

I walked up to the front for prayer a few minutes afterwards just to have you pray over me in a general way and receive a blessing from God, and you from the prompting and gifts of the Holy Spirit (without any kind of request from me) prayed over me to break the stronghold of depression by the blood of Jesus Christ. You said to me through words of prophecy after: "My son, I love you! You have to love yourself, because I love you!"

Well, the song that was being played by the Music Ministry at that time was "Open the Floodgates of Heaven – Let It Rain – Let It Rain." and God rained His love into my heart. That night back in my room at the Hotel, I could not stop singing praises to God. In fact, for the last month, I wake up in the middle of the night, go to sleep, wake up in the morning, while in the shower, while driving, while just going for a walk, I cannot stop singing praises to God.

This has never ever happened to me like this before in my life! That is how I know that I was healed – the fruits are good and are amazing, and I have truly been transformed!! It took God 37 years to get through to my heart, but now I am madly, deeply in love with Jesus Christ. Truly, I have established a personal relationship with Him, and I now living for Him alone!

The closest that I have ever felt like this before was for one week coming back from World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002 to see Pope John Paul 11, and for one month after going on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje where Mary the Mother of God is allegedly appearing as the Queen of Peace. Now it has been over a month and not only is my depression gone and I am singing praises constantly without even thinking about it, the bondage that I was in with regards to temptation has drastically decreased big time, and I can honestly say out of humility and thanksgiving that I have been set free by Jesus the Divine Healer! Amen! Alleluia! Praise God!!!

Thank you Bro. Bob for being His instrument in my healing!! I am sending you a CD of my Ukrainian Catholic Choir that I sang with for you and your wife Chita in thanksgiving for both of you! I pray daily and will continue to do so to support your healing ministry in prayer, and please feel free to add this testimony to your website if you feel that it will bless someone else to reach out for Jesus' healing touch and be prayed for and with and by you.

Sincerely grateful from a friend and fellow servant in Jesus Christ,

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Amazing healing in Astoria, N.Y

Thank you so much dear Br, Bob for praying over my mom two weeks ago in Astoria. You remember the lady in the wheelchair who was able to walk and then to dance with you and asked you to sit down on the wheelchair? She was pushing the wheelchair with you in it around inside the church? Well she looks and feels 10 yrs younger and everyone is amazed by the improvement! She is now doing things that she has not been able to do in the last ten years or so! Hope your ministry continues to grow through the years and we continue to pray for you and yours, and everyone who comes to you for healing.

Best of luck and blessings on all your future endeavors and may we all continue to be protected by Mother Mary's maternal care. Hope to see you once again here in Astoria in the very near future. Many people are waiting for your return – Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Life Testimony - Sr. Marie Teresa

I write this for the praise and honor of the Most Holy Trinity. I am a member of the Franciscan Sisters, Third Order Regular, of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother.

On September 18, 2010, I went to a healing service at Urban Mission Community Church in Steubenville, Ohio. It was sponsored by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services and Franciscan University of Steubenville, which was hosting a charismatic leaders conference that week. The participants from the conference all came to the healing service.

My mother and some of her friends went up to the conference that week and were at the healing service that night. At one point in the in the service, the speaker had different people come up to be prayed over. My mom and her friends decided to pray over one of their friends for healing for her scoliosis that she has.

I decided to slide down the pew and get some healing for mine as well. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was in the 2nd grade. So my mom and her friends started praying over the both of us. In the middle of them praying over us, one of the women, Sally, leaned down to me and said that I should go and have Robert Canton pray over me because he has a healing ministry.

The man she was talking about was at the front of the church, on the opposite side from me and already praying over someone else. Now you have to understand that I am not one to just walk over to someone like that and say, "Hey will you pray over me." I hate being in front of people in any capacity. I think that Sally sensed my hesitancy. She was correct because I was not even totally sure which person she was wanting me to go to in order to get prayed over. Sally grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd, across the front of the church and to Robert.

Now prior to going to this healing service my community, which is charismatic, has some time of praise and worship before I went. One of the main themes in our time of praise was how we have been called to stand in the gap for so many people, meaning our spiritual children, and what a blessing it is. As I was waiting to get prayed over, Sally has not let go of holding my hand. The words that kept coming to me were that Sally was standing in the gap for me. She was praying for me and my healing.

In a short amount of time, I was face to face with Robert to pray over me. I didn't even say anything to him, because Sally beat me to it. She asked him to pray for my scoliosis. He immediately started praying. In a short amount of time I was resting in the Holy Spirit. I could still hear Sally praying over me. While I was resting in the Holy Spirit, I felt my left leg grow and my right leg shrink. Then, it felt like my pelvis moved back in place. I came into the doors of the church that night in a lot of pain. I left the church in a significant amount of decreased pain.

This was not the first time that my legs have grown and shrunk when someone has prayed over me. There are however two differences this time that were not present in the other times that this has happened for me. The first is that earlier that night during the service we were asked to release anything that maybe holding us back from being "free" in the Lord. Something came to my mind that I knew I had been holding onto for 30 years. I had not fully released it. I can't say that I knew if I was fully releasing it that night either, but I had a desire in my heart to release it as fully as I was aware of that night. I desired to be set free. The second thing that was different this time was that as soon as I got up from the floor, Sally asked how I felt. I told her what I felt had happened. Before I could even think straight, Sally had gone over to the leader with the microphone and told him that I had been "healed". He came over and grabbed my hand and led me to the center of the front of the church and said, "Sister has a testimony of healing to share with us" and then he handed me the microphone.

I was thinking oh Lord help me. Not only do I hate being in front of people but using a microphone is even worse. I took the microphone and proceeded to tell what I had experienced. You may think that the story ends there but it doesn't. Over the next several days the Lord has put me in situations where I have been asked to share what happened to me. It is truly to and for the greater honor and glory of God. I believe that proclaiming the healing and trusting in the Lord that it truly happened has been a true part of this healing for me. Three weeks have gone by since I was prayed over and I still have some pain in my back but not as much as I had been having over a long period of time. I believe that it is going to be a gradual complete healing, but one that has started with a giant leap.

Sr. Marie Teresa

Life Testimony - Gemma Marie, OSB

I began to feel sharp pain in my right elbow in Feb. while I was in Sorocaba, Brazil. And it continued more and more freguently after I moved 20 boxes of books, each one with 30-40 books, since I was back home, Seoul, Korea.

So I went to take acupunture treatment and to a neurosurgen for two months since June. I felt it was cured about 60% especially with daily acupuncture, with more strength in my right hand and wrist.

On Oct. 8th, I met Mr. Bob Canton to work with him as a translator for a retreat for 600 leaders of charismatic renewal in Daegu City, Korea. It takes 2 hours to get there from Seoul by Express Train.

At about 7: 30 he started to give his second talk and I was interpreting for all of them. All of a sudden he began to caress his right arm with his left hand saying, "The Lord Jesus is touching and healing right elbows. Who is the person who's feeling the pain disappear?"

Right after translating the sentences, I raised my right arm saying, "Mine too!"

The audience burst into clappings and alleluias and several more people stood up with hands high in the air.

I knew it would come at his retreat. And Bob asked me to give my testimony at the start of the his talk the next morning. so I was so happy and privileged to give my testimony for healing of the right elbow. That was the 6th miraculous physical healing that I've received from our loving Lord Jesus.

Praise Jesus!

Gemma Marie, OSB

Life Testimony - Imelda

My name is Imelda Montanero from Vallejo California. I came from the province of Pangasinan, town of Manaoag, Phil. Born baptized and confirm Roman Catholic. Although I was not married to the Catholic Church, this marriage only lasted for 7 years and got divorce.

I joined the Apostolic Catholic Church located in San Jose CA in 2006 thru my father who was being used by the Holy Spirit for me to reach this place and eventually discover what this church is all about.

My father had a stroke and was vegetable after 2 months of stay in the hospital. One of the Apo came to our place and introduce us to this group. After 6 months of being with the Apostolic church my father recuperated. I also believe in miracle but not all the way. In spite of what happen to my father, it was on and off relationship with this church but believed it or not my heart still belongs to Roman Catholic since I enjoy singing and has been a choir member for 10 years.

In spite of this relationship, with the church, the congregation voted me to become their president. I was also a president of 1 and 1/2 year. I also develop a life with the Blessed Sacrament with the Roman Catholic church here in Napa, CA where I work. I go there 5 days a week up to 3 hours the most.

Their Patriarch claim that he is being use by the Holy Spirit. He also claim that the Holy Spirit wanted to be called Ingkong. In the native language, the great-grandfather of all great grandfather. (Ermitanyo). Their service is the same as the Roman Catholic Church, we do all the sacraments of the Eucharist and the sacrament of penance.Their priests has no proper education because they claim that the Beloved Ingkong chooses them like our Lord Jesus when he was alive, he pick His disciples.

We are being Called Apo short for Apostles. Some are being called Nanay Maria meaning the mothers. Like me, I was chosen by Beloved Ingkong to become Nanay Maria Lucy (my baptismal in the so called Ingkong the Holy Spirit. We use the Eucharistic book that the Roman Catholic church uses, although our wine was imported from Spain according to our Patriarch but one of the priest who hesitate to use the wine because it was made out of tamarind not from grapes.

Money was a big issue at this church. It is true that there is no forcing for us to give but everything has a pay. Even the calendars that our Patriarch brings when he comes to the USA. Our Patriarch by the way is a Philippines base. Our Archbishop, bishops, monsignor and priest are all over the world. Some here in San Jose and these are regular people who has jobs and wife's to some. Most of the religious people use Ingkong to shut us from any concern whatsoever. They will say, "BEWARE OF INGKONG; HE PUNISHES HARSH OR WE ARE DOING THIS FOR INGKONG.

It came to a point that I can no longer tolerate the system this church operates and there are more to this attestation. I had a big discussion with one of our sister who claim to be the mother general. I brought out all the things that I think are not right but it turn around to be I am the bad guy. Eventually, I do not want to go back anymore to this church and just leave. Then the Holy Spirit enlighten my mind to see the real face of this church. Many messages were given to me which I will not disclose anymore in this testimony, but bottom line is, this church is not a real church and indeed it is a cult. I brought this up to all concern but instead of fixing the problem I was threaten by many how Ingkong can punish disobedient people and so on and so forth.

I was able to deliver the message to many members telling them to go back to the Roman Catholic church get confession and received Holy communion. Not knowing if the messages I delivered registered to all, I kind a forget about it. After one week of this message one of the priest was really confuse who to believe. What he did was to meditate to the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom. He found that wisdom which I will not tell you because someday, I will bring him to your ministry to testify. Instantly, he was given the wisdom to understand.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine called me to tell me that she been to Robert Canton Healing Prayer and she has a prayer to share with me. I really did not know how effective the prayer was, it is a prayer for spiritual warfare and has Robert Canton's information at the bottom.

I took that prayer and made some copies and distributed that to my brothers in faith because now we are on a spiritual battle. In addition to to the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy and Devotion to the Precious Blood of Our lOrd lost on the Way to Calvary and the Devotion to the seven sorrow of Blessed Virgin Mary. Not sure how effective that was. After one week again, a Preacher from Cebu, Phil. came to San Jose from no where. Our priest meet with this guy and this guy was sent by the Holy Spirit to talk and enlighten his mind and his family. He conducted a seminar and our priest and his family/families were there. All of them were inspired.

So the next meeting I was invited to a seminar which I went. In the middle to the talk, Bro Alejandro (Ale for short) mention about Bro. Robert Canton. about the prayer and healing. Now I remember the prayer that I have and distributed. When we came to our lunch break I approach this speaker and ask more about this Robert Canton. He said that they are best of friends. And actually he said, I am one of his speaker in Phoenix AZ. before coming to San Jose. Still I am not getting the connection. And still continue to pray the prayers for spiritual warfare.

This week, I was and still continue to be persecuted at our church the Apostolic Catholic church because the messages that I delivered spread out like fire. So the Nuns who are most devoted to the Patriarch reacted out of control. I am being suspended as the council president because of opening my mouth.

The good thing is that half of the congregation was able to come back to the mother church who is the Roman Catholic Church. These brothers that came to our path happen not by an accident. It was for a purpose. I will not keep the blessings that I received to myself alone thru this I want to share this to all. This brother of ours is here to share his blessings to people like me. Each one of us has a special role in this world. It is our choice to play that role to it's fullest. Bro. Ale and Bro. Robert are blessed by God, sent by God, being use by God to know Him better to follow Him and serve Him or the other way around.

As of this moment that I am sending this to Bro. Robert, I am the bad guy at this church in San Jose. Brothers and sisters in faith, if Jesus Christ died for us on the Cross to redeem me and the whole world, I do believed that He needs all the praises and Glory forever. He laid down His life for me. I will also need to defend Him forever if being crucified by men. My journey in this spiritual life might be too long to go but one thing is certain that the Triune God with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary works in mysterious ways. God Bless us all.