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My name is Sara, I want to share a story with you. About 2 1/2 years ago we received a call from our niece, she lives in Puebla, Mexico and we live in El Paso, TX. She called to inform us that our other niece Julisa was at the hospital and her condition was very critical. At this time I want to give you a bit of background of our family. My nephew in Mexico was living a promiscuous life and his wife was not aware of his affairs with other women. He became ill and no one knew why or how he died he was in his mid 20's, at the time of his death his wife was pregnant and she had a baby named Julisa, after her birth Julisa mother became ill and had same symptoms her husband had. The doctors discovered she had AIDES. Julisa mother passed away a few months after her birth. Julisa was born with HIV, both of her parents has passed and my sister became mother and father to her grandkids (3). Julisa has always had health problems, but never to the point to be hospitalized. The primary Doctor told my sister to make arrangements because she was not going to make it through the weekend, they were giving her a few days of life and we could not believe what was happening, she was only 9 years old at the time and she was full of life. She was telling everyone she did not want to die, she wanted a new dress and shoes from the US for Christmas. Christmas was a month away and everyone thought she was going to pass in a few days, she was in and out.

My Compadres (godparents to my children) Pablo and Irma, told us in the past that we should go to a conference, that a man by the name of Bob Canton was going to be coming and through him God has done a lot of miracles. When they spoke about this we smile and we said sure ah ha. Needless to say we did not attend any of the conferences when he came down.

We remember about Bob when we were so dispread that we just did not have any hope left. We went to see Irma about this situation and we talked about it for a while as soon as I stopped talking she told me that she was going to pray for Julisa's health. We told her Julissa could not travel to California where Bob lived, she laughed and said I will send an email to Bob Canton and to our prayer circle to pray for Julisa. Have faith for God there is no distance, and Julissa does not have to travel to CA. At that time we were trying to collect money to help my sister with funeral expenses, that was another reason we went to see them, they said they would be glad to help but she is not going to go die. God has plans for Julissa, you will see. I had to believe what I was told because they are wonderful people that pray when we are in need. A couple of days later, we received another call from my Mexico and my heart fell to the floor, I asked when did Julissa pass. They told me it was a miracle that Julisa was out of the hospital and surprisingly enough all of her symptoms were gone. The Doctors do not understand was happened, but we know that God saved her and since that moment Julisa has been wonderfully doing great every day. That is why I want to thank God, for saving her, thank Bob Canton and his ministry for the prayers. We can not stop thanking God for the miracle, Julissa is almost 12, this coming November will be three years. We traveled to Mexico this March and Jalissa is a normal girl and has gone back to school and is full of life.

We were blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Bob Canton in El Paso about a year ago, this time we went to see him in person. Not for prayer, but to thank him and God in person. While I do not speak english, I did hear his talk through a translator that was provided. In any language, a miracle is a miracle when Bob prayed over a young lady she received her hearing, she was born deaf. I saw a man that could hardly walk, dance up and down the isles, and he no longer uses a cane even after one year. There was so, so many miracles that night, I felt like God was inside of me even if Bob did not pray over me.

My daughter is writing this letter for me, I was asked to write it a long time ago, but I do not write in english.

Once again thank you Bob for your prayers not only for Jalissa but for my entire family we now believe and our faith has grown. We know God is using Bob to change peoples lives all over the world. He has touched people he has never even met, because my family in Mexico and in the United States all know of Bob.

Ralph – Stockton California

In July 2009, I had a biopsy done. The Doctor told my wife & family that most likely it was cancer. It would take a week for results. This really concerned us because 9 years earlier I was diagnosed with colon cancer and by the Grace of God and three surgeries later I was healed from the cancer. As days went by we had many sleepless nights. But with the prayer support of family and friends including Bob Canton who's message from God was "Be not Afraid for I go before you. Your healing is underway for my Father's glory." His prayer and message gave us strength & peace & comfort as we went to get the results. When the Doctor came in he smiled and said your okay no cancer. He then said he does not understand it because from what he saw told him it was cancer he even had it tested three different ways to make sure. My wife told him it was by the Grace of God that the cancer was gone. He said I guess so, there's no other explanation. He was happy to give good news. We give all honor and glory to God for His healing touch and for Bob who was very understanding with us even when we call him late at night at various times for prayer.


Stacy had asked me several times to accompany her to the Friday night services and each time, something prohibited from me from going. When I saw in the Sunday Bulletin that Bob was coming, my heart told me that I needed to go. Stacey asked me and I immediately said yes. From the moment I entered, the hauntingly beautiful singing grabbed my heart and I felt so full of the love of my Lord and Savior. I have only recently come to realize how great His love truly is and have tried so hard to be worthy.

When Bob came into the church, he actually sat next to me. I didn't know who he was, but I thought that a lot of people must know him, because different people kept coming to sit down next to him for a few minutes. Then when the healing service started I was so moved by what I was witnessing, I began to cry.

Bob talked about how each time we take Eucharist we experience a healing. This came on my ears like, Pattie, you are such a dummy, why did you not realize that! He spoke of the heaviness of the heart caused by unforgiveness, it was a revelation to me. All the anger I carried in my heart, for no good reason. Pattie, just let it go! Then a miracle,a deaf child and an elderly woman who recovered their hearing. I prayed so hard with Bob for God to heal this people and by the Blood of my Precious Savior, they were! Person after person healed and over whelmed by the Holy Spirit. It was if the Holy Spirit was filling the entire room. And still I cried.

When it came time for us to go forward for our blessing I was aching in side. I wanted to ask Bob to help me with the pain in my shoulder from a torn rotator cuff, but when he came to me, I could not speak, I just cried. He put his hands on me and I knew, I just knew, that whatever his blessing, it was wonderful. I didn't notice that night, but the next morning, when I was getting ready for an RCIA Leadership retreat, I realized that I had received a healing. I had taken a shower and picked up the hair dryer to blow my hair dry and I realized, as I raised my arm over my head, there was no pain in my shoulder. I rotated my shoulder around and felt no pain. I put down the hair dryer and completely rotated my arm around in a circle and felt no pain. I knew, it was Bob's blessing. It was the Holy Spirit. The pain that I had lived with for two and a half years. The pain that kept me from sleeping on my left side. The pain that racked me day after day, was gone. So what did I do? I cried. All of sudden the words to a song I learned as child filled my head. "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so."

Yes, Jesus loves me. Bob brought a miracle to me. A miracle I didn't even have to ask for. May God bless Bob and keep him. Him and all the generations of his family to come. He is truly a messenger of God.


To all those reading this mail which is my true testimony. His mercy and love for us is beyond comprehension.

I have been saying the Healing and Keeping Prayer everyday. I have prayed to the Lord to heal me physically and spiritually. I am so glad and thankful to HIM for touching and healing me. Thank you also for your powerful prayer, Bob.

I was diagnosed with cervix cancer about three years ago, and having treated by radiotherapy after its recurrence six months later in 2007. For the first 1-1.5 years after my treatment, I was eating and living well with no complications, but I never for once thought the worst had yet to come. Early this year, I began to feel tired and I lost so much blood, hence resulting in my need for blood transfusion. I went for many checkups, fearing that the cancer may recur in other parts of my body. However, my test results did not show any malignant growth but the doctors found that all these were as a result of the radiation side effects. Doctors burnt the bleeding points in my rectum to minimise the bleeding. Somehow, the process may have triggered other complications which resulted in me experiencing pain on my pelvis especially when I cleared my bowels and passing out urine. I need to go for injections and take a lot of painkillers to ease the pain. Everyday seemed to be a torture and I only took minimal amount of food.

I never for once thought about turning to GOD during my ordeal until one day my niece called me, knowing how I suffered, to ask if I like to have the prayer group prayed over me. I am Catholic but have not been to church for a long time. Somehow, I finally agreed.This is the beginning of my renewed relationship with the Lord. Ever since my return to the Lord, I realise and notice that my pain was getting less each day from a few hours to none at all and I do not have to be on painkillers or japs. Despite this, I continue to say the healing prayer every night. Although there is still some bleeding on certain days depending on my diet, it does not bother me at all as I know these are side effects which could take time to heal. I no longer feel lethargic or anaemic or pain. I can now continue to work and take part in my social activities without having to worry when the pain will strike.

I am so glad that I have made the right decision to go back to the Lord. Our Heavenly Father, HIS beloved Son, Jesus and Our Immaculate Mother of God have never failed us. We must continue to have faith and continue to place our trust in HIM. Our Lord is good and HE loves us. Praise the Lord and Adore HIM. HE never fails us if we truly and sincerely turn to HIM for guidance.

Thank you Bob for the powerful Healing and Keeping Prayer that you generously shared with me in my time of need.

Maria – Stockton, CA.

I am writing to let you know how the good Lord, our Father healed my son of autism.

We were going frequently to the Children of God St. LukeĀ“s healing sessions since last year. My son, Denzel Martin was diagnosed with autism ever since he was three years old. When we migrated to the US when he was five years old, we got another formal diagnosis from a local California doctor. Last year after 8 years, through the referral of the Valley Medical Regional Center, Martin underwent another assessment through the same doctor. And amazingly, that same doctor told us that he had managed his way out of the autism sprectrum disorder. I believe in this miracle and the two comparable reports will document that the good Lord, our Saviour has healed my son. With your prayers and by praying the healing and keeping prayer which you shared with us, my son was saved from the claws of the enemy. It is with constant prayers, sacrifices, lots of faith and hope that he was healed. We the parents have to do our work and it was not an easy journey but we know that we were never alone, that our Lord Jesus was walking with us.

I want to proclaim to the world that Jeus is the greatest healer, physician and friend. Please continue to pray for our family as we go on with this journey. Praise the Lord, Alleluia.

Keith – Henderson, NV

Bob, this is Keith from St. Francis of Assisi in Henderson, NV. I have been the MC for the life in the spirit seminars you spoke at. As per your request I wanted to share with you our story about the conception of our baby. However, I also have a prayer request for you. But first, let me share with you about our story. My wife Karen and I had our third child just two years ago. Because my youngest son's sisters are now at college, we wanted to have another child so he would have a sibling to grow up with. We had two miscarriages following his birth and have been deeply saddened and worried we would not be able to have another. However, during the life in the spirit seminar you spoke at, you also prayed over my wife Karen for her to bear a child. A few months after that she went in for a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant. Based on the calculations from the Doctor it appeared we conceived just following the day you prayed over her. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you for your prayers and may the lord bless you always!!


I'm, as a person, really amazed with what you did in the name of Jesus to many people in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is my first time I saw God's grace in front of my eyes. God really used you mightily in healing many sickness like God did to his people. First time for me to see many blind people, many in the wheelchairs, many deaf people and demonized people, and deaf- mutes, and people with tumors, received miraculous healings. Now, I'm just praying for you Robert so you can continue your good works and always be blessed by God.