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Yesterday, I went to a healing conference together with my mom and older sister in Silay City. Since it was scheduled to start at around 9:30 a.m., we had to wake up early at around 4:00 a.m. and get ready for the long trip, since it would take around 2 hours via bus from Escalante. By th time we reached Silay, we stopped at th El Real bakeshop to eat some snacks, then my mom entrusted someone owning a cellphone load business to carry her luggage and keep it in her store fo the time being, to avoid hassle.

By the time we reached the venue, there were many in wheelchairs and those who were either born or just afflicted deaf - mute. As a start, we first had some form of energizer in form of dances, then, after a 15 - min. break, then the morning mass.

After another energizer, we finally listened to the words of Bro. Bob Canton, the guest speaker. He inspired us with words of wisdom, that we must forgive, humble ourselves, and confess. However, the most touching event was during his healing sessions. It was indeed a miracle to behold. Can you imagine that those who were crippled in wheelchairs being able to walk, or even deaf-mute people being able to hear and speak, with just powerful words and a healing touch? Even I experienced that, too, for when I felt God's healing power, I suddenly fell on the floor for a few seconds, but in the end, I was able to stand straight.

Now that I've experienced such miracle, I now believe that I must not lose hope, for miracles only happen once we have faith in God, and that the lesson I've learned from this experience...

Cristine – Pardo Cebu City, Phils.

Good Day! This is just a simple way of thanking you for the time you've spent with us in the healing mass here in St.Rosario Parish, Cebu City and in Silay City, Negros Occidental. There's nothing impossible to GOD! He loves HIS people especially those who are sick and dying. He really made a way, and it was you Bro.Bob who is the instrument of GOD to heal the people. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I don't even know you but when my aunt and I went to St.Rosario Parish, Cebu City my Aunt saw your name in a streamer and she told me about you. Actually,my Aunt attended your healing mass last year, November in Guadalupe Church here in Cebu City. She was very thankful that she can now move her 2 hands after your healing prayer with her. On the day of the healing mass I saw you infront of the altar coz we're sitting on the front seats. When you started to pray I really felt something different which I can't explain. I know the Holy Spirit touched me and God use you to speak His words. Especially the moment when you told everybody that God said to you that there's one person who has a cancer and is only given for 6 mos.and that moment, she was healed!!!!!!PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!! When she walked down the aisle, you told her to stand still and you extended your hands towards her. She went down on the floor as though she was dead, even though she was a few feet away from you. She is o.k afterwards. A lady who is deaf and now she can hear, etc... I've seen it w/ my 2 eyes!!!!WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!!More people were healed including me, I had the worst allergy in my face when I went to Dubai until I arrived here in Cebu City, I went to different Dermatologist and spent alot of money for my medicines and doctor's fees but there's no changes until such time that you prayed over me and that was it! I was healed!!!!!!!I can say that miracles happened in just a second, a minute...every hour...every single day.....because of the LORD and because of you as an instrument.

When I experienced the healing, I took time to email you coz I really wanted to know your schedule of healing crusade in Silay City. As what I've mentioned to you that I'm from Bacolod City and we arrived there last April 28, 2009. On the following day, it was your healing crusade schedule in Silay City which was the same day of the 2nd year death anniversary of my father. We supposed to prepare for a luncheon get-together w/ my family and relatives but I changed it to night time for dinner coz what is important to me is to attend your healling crusade. I'm grateful to GOD that I brought w/ me my mother, grandmother, brother, sister, aunt, cousins, nephews and nieces, my son and my daughter. They also witnessed the miracles of GOD through you. PRAISE THE LORD! my mother and grandmother feel better now. I can't also forget the 7 year old girl who is deaf and mute and now she can talk and hear. Those old ones who have wheel chairs that can now walk and the man who can't move his legs but now he can walk straight. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!BRO.BOB!!!!!!!! Because of GOD, because of you.....many people were healed!!!!! and my faith in God has increased because of what I had seen.

I'm praying everyday the healing prayer you've given to us and God knows that I include you in my prayers. May God will give you more strength and power to use you as an instrument to heal HIS people. Please continue to serve the LORD by helping those who are needy, sick and dying. I'm also praying for your family and love ones and your ministries. MORE BLESSINGS AND GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!!GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Rev Fr. Nick Domocol

Thank you so much for coming as our honored international preacher and healer in our 24th AIRCKABS Regional Charismatic Conference in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Phil. on April 24-26, 2009.

Great praise and thanksgiving to God for the healing miracles he has done to his people through your ministry in San Carlos City on April 25.

See how good is God when more than ten people on wheelchairs had been healed and were climbing back and forth the stage walking and running.

Many who were blind received sight including a child born blind. Many deaf hear and the deaf-mute children(8-12 years old) can speak and hear.

Two women in maroon dress and two men in blue shirt who all tried suicide had been healed and delivered from spirit of suicide and from self-condemnation.

Many testified healings and disappearance of their tumors and cysts and other diseases.

The healings in San Carlos City were repeated when we went for a healing crusade in Dumaguete City. On the 26th( the ff. day). as act of thanksgiving to our dinner that night we prayed over the host who was deaf for long years and instantly was able to hear.

Again in Iloilo City on the 28th of April all those in wheelchairs were able to walk and run. All those who were blind were able to see again. And the deaf hear. As always the deaf-mute had dramatic healings.

Our last day of healing conference on the 29th of April in Silay City(Bacolod) had a new dimension. It was so amazing that tears fell from my eyes when healings happened to many deaf-mute chidren ages 2-4 years old on that last day.You only had to lay your hands quickly and yet instant healings of the deaf-mute children happened. How great is our God.His love and mercy is without end. We will always pray for you and your family, Bro Bob.

May God empower you His gifts more intensely and strongly for the greater glory of His name. Bro Bob, Jesus is alive in your ministry.

Thank you and wish you will come back to Negros, as you have promised, in the near future.


Thank you very much for your prayer. My brother was healed of liver cirrhosis. His care giver and my father could not believe their ears when the doctor told them he does not have liver cirrhosis. He only has to have a well-balanced diet. WE HAVE A GOD OF MIRACLE. HE HEALS WHEN WE CRY OUT TO H IM. HE IS THE GREATEST HEALER. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN.




How are you doing? I'm the one(translator) who picked you up from the airport in Seoul to KKOTTONGNAE.

It's already passed a month since we had the conference. I had to leave early KKOTTONAE for personal reason. But I listened to your lecture and was impressed. In fact, I have known about ICCRS, charism, healing, all kinds of ICCRS activity...through that conference. So I was able to recognize how famous you are – just when I arrived at KKOTTONAE after guiding you to your room. I recall I was just so pleasant and it was fun to talk with you. I was a little surprised all other volunteers around me already heard about you.

The conference was very special to me. I experienced something in my mind I've never had through my entire life. I truly, deeply felt our God's presence and could feel how much God loves me. That's amazing! I feel like I was born again. I'd say, being able to participate in the conference was the greatest chance I got in my whole life.

I thank God so much that he led me to the conference and had me realize LOVE and meet some great people including you. I was very very glad to meet you and I hope to see you sometime.


Jennifer, Washington D.C

A Youth’s Reflection on the AFCCPC

I found God in an unexpected place. I found Him in the middle of Baltimore, Maryland. I found Him, and I had no idea that I would. I was caught off guard. It was in the Baltimore Convention Center on the days of June 27 and 28 of 2009 where I fell in love with something so far beyond myself—God.

BLD Youth of Washington D.C. was invited to facilitate a session on Saturday morning at the Baltimore Convention Center for a weekend retreat hosted by AFCCPC, the Alliance of Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities. We all honestly thought that we would simply stay for the morning to sing and then leave at one o’clock. However, after the morning session, I found that none of us had the desire to leave. We all wanted to stay. That’s exactly what we did, and I couldn’t be happier that we made that choice.

That Saturday night and Sunday morning were profound experiences for all of us. I could speak for ages about these experiences, and I still wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. On these two days, I found myself overwhelmed with an unexplainable feeling. I felt free, liberated. I felt like I finally belonged, and God was telling me that I was good enough. In Him, I found joy, peace, and comfort that went beyond words.

Sunday was an especially powerful day. Brother Bob Canton led a session of healing. In this session, the power of the Holy Spirit fell upon each one of us, though in unique and different ways. Some were granted the gift of tongues, and others were slain in the Spirit. Afterwards, I heard some people had even more unique experiences, such as visions, supernatural warmth, and bright lights.

As for my experience, at first I felt nothing. Then all of a sudden, I felt a wave of emotion that I couldn’t understand. I started sobbing uncontrollably, but for some reason, I felt like a part of me was at peace. Brother Bob Canton went over to me, and he touched my forehead. I fell backwards. I remember someone telling me, “You need to forgive someone.” And at that moment, I was so confused; I had no idea what she was talking about, no idea what she was trying to tell me. I don’t hold grudges, and there’s no one in my life that I really needed to forgive -or so I thought.

It wasn’t until after the weekend when I asked my mom about my experience, did I fully understand who I needed to forgive - myself. For the longest time, I have felt like God’s been trying to tell me to forgive, because I constantly put myself down. It is I who always tells myself that I’m not good enough.

Now, I finally feel free from my sense of inadequacy. I feel secure in who I am and in the fact that God loves me with such a love that He would never forsake me. All in all, the AFCCPC was the answer to my prayers. Through the conference, God revealed to me love for my friends, my family, myself, and God.

Irma & Pablo

It was so nice to see you in Baltimore and finally get to meet your beautiful wife Chita. You are so blessed! One of my sons mentioned to me the other day that he never realized how beautiful the Filipinas were.

Glory to God! I can't thank God enough for another miracle. I received a praise report from my friend Esther regarding a young man age 17 (TAVO) born deaf and was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I emailed you a prayer request May 24, 2009. Esther emailed me today, no trace of cancer. I have attached her email below, so you can read what she wrote. I also attached the original prayer request to refresh your mind.

Jiwon – Seoul, South Korea

I have never imagined that I could have such an amazing, born-again experience. I believed in God, but I didn’t know about the power of the Holy Spirit or the spiritual renewal not to mention ICCRS activities. I was just ignorant about such kind of “whole new world”.

I participated in the 2009 ICCRS Conference held in KKOTTONGNAE, SOUTH KOREA as a translation volunteer. I heard about the conference for the first time in my life, after seeing my diocese bulletin board by accident. I just wanted to serve people and the church, so I volunteered. And I was constantly tempted not to go for this and that.

But soon after being in the village (KKOTTONGNAE), I already started realizing that I was chosen and especially invited by God to be there, and that everyone there from participants from half a world away to other volunteers was chosen by God to be right there. That was definitely God’s amazing grace. I just could feel that, know that without anyone’s explanation. Most important is, I truly, deeply realized how much Jesus loves me. I realized how selfish, stupid I have been. I felt deeply grateful to God to tears. God called me to realize this. I confessed unknowingly “I love you, my Lord.” And I couldn’t stop sobbing.

On Day 2, I attended Mass. Right after that one of the other volunteers approached me and said, “You need to forgive someone. I can see your soul is weeping. Jesus wants you to live with joy.” I was startled at her saying, but soon after I started to sob again and couldn’t stop for a while. After that, surprisingly, I began to know whom I have to forgive. Since then, I began to pray the Holy Spirit to help me forgive who I need to forgive.

Her last words (Jesus wants you to live with joy) hit my heart hard. I really wanted to do what Jesus wants me to do. And he wants me to live with joy. I found it true joy comes from forgiveness and love at least in my case. I was determined to make efforts to do so and prayed unceasingly for help. Every moment and every day in KKOTTONGNAE was powerful and special.

I was scheduled to leave on Day 3 for my job. But I already felt something’s going on and the Spirit’s moving within me though I cannot describe it clearly. I desperately wanted to get more. So I came back on Day 5, when I met Brother Bob Canton at the airport to usher him to KKOTTONGNAE. Although I didn’t even realize who he was, I could see he was living with joy. I witnessed him lead a healing session the next day. And I experienced one more surprise.

When people were praying using the gift of tongues, I felt mysterious warmth around my body .Since then, I experienced that kind often when in the same situation. And right before that session, I was in a queue to have Bob lay his hands on my head. At that moment, I felt something hot falling on the head and passing down through the heart and I fell backwards.

Afterwards, I became confident of myself because I knew Jesus loves me so much. I felt like I got a super power. I felt like I could do anything as Jesus is with me. I felt a true happiness deep in my heart and felt like a sense of liberation. I had never had those feelings before in my life. Now I want to share these experiences with brothers and sisters. I want those still in darkness to know how much Jesus loves us. Jesus is the only savior.