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David – Lim Yeow Pheng

I at tended the entire 4 days Healing Workshop and Masses from 14th to 17th Feb in Singapore ..

Day 1 -14 Feb (Valentine’s Day)
The testimony you gave on how The Good Lord reaches out to you is really out of the extraordinary, and the sharing of your experiences and cases you dealt with, under his guiding hands, were really enriching. Your talk was broad based, humorous and captiv at ing. I picked up many lessons as “I Heard from The Lord“. I shall explain.

I had severe hearing problems with both my ears. My “Left Ear” was Stone-Dead since 1992, until you prayed over me. After your prayer over me, I was able to hear some noise, although I couldn’t decode the signal nor decipher the actual sound. Doctors told me th at the cells behind my ear drums were damaged and it will continue to be a degener at ing effect. It will only get worst and never better. But I did hear very faint and distant sounds. Your assurance th at sometimes The Lord tre at s in installments gave me further hope. I believe, but reverting a 17 year old problem casts doubt.

However and more importantly, I actually “Heard the Lord”. I listened and heard HIM telling me thru you th at SATAN has a way with us. His evil tactics on Obsession, Tempt at ion, Bondage, Infest at ion, Possession etc came to me sharply. I went away telling myself th at The Lord is passing more important Hearing messages. I went home contented th at although I hear little physically, I actually hear more spiritually. Whether or not I will be able to physically hear is almost non significant as I have lived with the problem for the past 17 years. I believe th at if GOD wants to Heal me, he will do it In His Time.

Day 2 – 15 Feb
I picked up other lessons and continued to see in amazement some of the Healings th at took place. At the same time I was also doubtful as I believe some could have reacted as a result of auto - suggestions. However my own hearing on my Left ear was a little better. I did many other actions to try and tell myself th at there were no mistakes. Th at the Good Lord has indeed opened up my ear kennel. I was certain th at something had happened. When I at tended mass th at evening, I could almost hear every word during the entire service. This alone is a miracle as I never was able to sit thru a mass hearing every word spoken by the Priests .The Lord was speaking to me!!!

Day 3 – 16 Feb
In the Church of Risen Christ , I took a se at th at I often chose as it provides me the best position to hear the speaker. I normally could pick up about 50% of wh at ever was said. Th at evening, I was smiling ear to ear when you spoke because I could hear you so well. I particip at ed actively th at evening and I told my wife th at the hearing on my left ear is now perhaps 20% as against being Stone Dead. She was excited too. We rejoiced but did not announce it. My friends and prayer members were concerned and wanted to know whether I could hear since 14th Feb. I gave them a doubtful thumbs up.

The other miracles I witnessed th at evening on so many wheel chaired bound fellow Christians standing up to walk, esp with a young boy walking around the church even though you did not pray directly on him. It increased my Faith th at the Good Lord and The Holy Spirit were indeed present.

Day 4 – 17 Feb
The crowd this evening swells to incredible numbers and everyone was surging forward when the Healing began. My miracle happens when I could hear my wife singing when she stood on my left. I normally hear nothing unless the guy shouts at me, and the hearing is also thru my Right Ear (70% working). I continued praying and her voice became louder and louder. When the Healing session for the Deaf took place, I went up again. I wanted to buy insurance but never got the chance for you to pray over me again. I was prayed over by one of the Prayer members and when he spoke to me thru my left ear, I heard him really good. Perhaps 30 to 40%. He was el at ed as The Lord was also using him. I concluded th at The Lord is actually healing me in stages.

Day 5 to Day 14
My hearing improved further. When I listened to music from my cell phone, I was never able to hear with my Left ear - Now, I could sing along when I placed the cell phone close to my Left ear. Wh at the doctors had declared 17 years ago, th at I could never hear again on my Left ear has been remedied by The Good Lord. Although I couldn’t hear the stereo effect on music played, as yet, I could hear th at it is louder. The Lord has now made me able to hear Him physically and spiritually, but in stages. My Faith and those of my prayer members, my family members and by you and all the prayer members from the Roman C at holic churches from Singapore and Malaysia , in praying over my hearing problems has been answered.

As Nothing Is Impossible to GOD, It is only right th at The Glory of The Good Lord be testified with a sincere and gr at eful heart through this testimony.

Janice from Kuching

God bless you!! Share these news to you. I was healed by our Heavenly Father during the healing service you conducted in May, 2008 in Kuching, Malaysia. Actually I was having low platelets for almost past 8 years with the reading of only 56,000. Then after your healing service, I went for medical check-up, surprisingly my platelets count increased to 160,000. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, my daughter, Jacquelyn was healed by God too from the bone problem (scoliosis). Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, my mother, Mary Voon who was having pain on her back was also healed by God. But she was with the Lord on 18 September. She was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer on mid May. During that 4 months God really loved her that she had less pain or suffering as compared to other patients. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bro. Bob, when are you coming to Kuching again? People are waiting for your coming again. Hope to see you very soon. Take care and God bless you & your family. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John from Sarasota Florida

I do not know how I can PRAISE THE LORD AND THANK YOU ALSO WITH ALL MY HEART, because after the last three days that you prayed over us during the Parish mission here at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, my whole life is changing rapidly.

First of all in the first day you prayed over me and the GOOD LORD delivered me from the spiritual attachments that I had been carrying for many years and He set me free from the sin of IDOLATRY. On the second day of the Parish mission, a word of knowledge came to you about the person who was trying to take his life and that person was me again.

Thirteen years ago, I was living in Colombia and I had experienced depression big time in my life and, I tried to commit suicide, but because of my devotion of our Blessed Mother and her Rosary she protected me from that evil moment of my life and showed me in a powerful way, later on, that the GOOD LORD HAS A PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE. I recieved a healing for that sin of SELF CONDEMNATION and He told me through you that HE DOESN'T CONDEMN ME. At that moment, I received His love and forgiveness as you prayed over me. I fell down on the floor, and I felt peace in my heart.

Finally on the third day of the mission, when you prayed over me and other people, the GOOD LORD healed me of migraine headache, stomach, depression, and I do not know what more because the blessings have not stopped yet.I was amazed watching the deaf getting healed, people walking without any assistance or without using canes or walkers, people healed of many sickness and physical and emotional pains. You told us to return to the Lord, and many went to confession during those 3 days of the Parish mission. I went to confession for the first time in so many years that I had not.

The Parish mission was a big blessing to those who came. Today I received the most beautiful gift that I was praying for many years, and I proclaim this in faith in THE NAME OF JESUS OUR LORD AND COVER WITH HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD(First Saturday to Our Blessed Mother). In my next testimony I am going to tell you about the Beautiful Blessing that I recieve today. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as your needed one, from the bottom of my heart with love your Brother John and Family.


I attended your healing rally in Singapore recently. I would like to share a little testimony. I went home, and continued to pray the healing and keeping prayer that you gave us and prayed for you and your family and ministry. Once, I kind of landed on my toe somehow and it became very painful and felt like it was a little out of place. I continued to walk but it was too painful, so I prayed like how you prayed at the healing rally. I asked in Jesus's name, to be healed. After praying, I went along and kind of forgot about my foot until later I realised that I had no more pain and my foot was fine! It was healed . As you said, "Jesus is alive and he is still healing until now."


I want to thank you for coming to our church, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Sarasota , FL , in March 2009. It was truly an experience of faith being with you during your visit.

You prayed over me your last night with us for my eyes, hearing and my knee. Before leaving the church I was able to hear without my hearing aides and continue to do so. I have been wearing hearing aides for about 4 to 5 years. I was also able to kneel on my bad knee, something I have not been able to do for many years. As for my eyes I have early stages of Macular Degeneration in both eyes and I am looking forward to seeing the specialist in June when he will test my eyes then. I thank God for giving you the gift of healing. I saw so many healing during your stay at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. You also prayed over me at Theresa Rufener’s home for my sister Connie for the skin cancer she has and my family. I will keep you updated on Connie’s progress.

Again, I want to thank you for your gifts, that God gave you, and your visit, you have deepened my faith.

I will keep you and your ministries in my prayers.

Mina from Milwaukee

Hallelujah! He is risen!

I have been having vertigo for 1 1/2 weeks and it has been debilitating. I have had to hold on to walls and rails. At times, I could not even walk a straight line.

I was desperate and had to call you for prayers. After you prayed, I felt improvement already. The next day, which is today, I am 95 % better.

My heart is so grateful for God's faithfulness. I resolve to serve Him even more.

I have to be well because we are flying next week to Spokane, WA where my husband is serving at the National Charismatic Liaisons Retreat/ Conference.