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AL – February 18, 2009

God is just awesome! Last night his mum was also with us, and she asked for healing for her sister who is undergoing chemo. And usually, on wednesdays, she would feel a lot of pain from the medication and all. But today, amazingly, she felt NO PAIN AT ALL. Seriously, this is just wonderful! We all believe that she has been healed.

And today, my own little healing from Jesus, I’d kicked and bent my ankle at a funny angle and I had felt like the big toe and some of the areas around it was a little dislocated. Ok, maybe not that serious, but it felt out of place, and was very painful, and I was going out. But I just went out anyway and tried to walk, but putting weight on the foot each time, it would feel like something was going to snap. So I prayed, that Jesus would heal me. Then I went along and kind of forgot about the pain, and suddenly realised as I was walking, that there was no more pain. I moved my feet all around, put weight on it, and it was all ok! And now a few hours later, I am still ok.

Praise the Lord!

Marianne, September 2008 Maryland Visit

Mr. Bob,

I know you are a busy man and I do not want to hold you from important things. My Aunt Theresa who lives in Ohio told me to call, write, or e mail you. I thought e mail would be best so you can read this at your leisure. (Not mention I am afraid to speak to someone on such a personal level)

You may not remember me since you see so many people all the time and have so many things that you do and I am just a simple person. You may remember me as the sweating woman. I was at St. John's Church Saturday Morning and at the Church in Rosedale in the evening on September 6th.

I am sorry to say my story is a long one but I will try to keep it short since you are so busy. My Aunt asked me to tell you my story which began 13 years ago and I told her I would. I am a person of my word so hear it goes...

My father died June 7, 1995. I have a son, Ryan, who at the time was only 9 months old at the time my father died. I received a phone call several months after he died from a woman in Florida who I never spoke to before. I can not recall her name now but I do remember she was a grand-mother. She told me she had a message for me and I thought she was some kind of a "Fruit Cake." She told me I lost someone who was dear to me. I told her any one could read that information in the news paper and she needed to leave me alone. She said she could prove she was not a stalker and she could tell me something that no one else knew. She did just that. I told her she had my attention and she could proceed to speak.

She told me I had a son and I was worried because he was different and I had already taken him to several doctors and I was not getting the answers I was looking for. I her to continue that she was right so far. She told me to take him to a Saint John's Church in Saverna Park. There would be a man there who could help him. He would be able to heal my son. (Sorry the story is not even close to being over, yet)

She also told me some other things which I am sure would not be of any interest to you. I told my Mother about the call and all the things she had told me and we tested some of the things (so we thought). Nothing happened and so I let it go and every once in a while my Mother would mention the Pine trees the lady on the phone told me about. Anyway, there was nothing. Until now.

My brother, Michael, lost his girl-friend in February to Cancer. He was devastated. Our Mother died on April 15th this year as well. My brother, Michael, was very close to our Mother and I have to admit he was her favorite, even though she said she loved all of us just as much as the next.

When Aunt Theresa told Michael you were coming to town we all got excited for different reasons. Mike wanted my son Ryan to get healed so he would be like normal children. Both of my brothers have difficulty remembering that Ryan has Cerebral Palsy (C.P.)

My reason for going had a very long list. For my brother, Mike, I wanted his heart to be healed because he told me if he lets go Nancy will fade away and he could not allow that to happen, therefore, he holds on to the pain. Ed, my oldest brother, is always a negative individual since his divorce and I wanted him to have the heart he use to have, which is kind and huge. My youngest son, Ryan, has C.P. My oldest son, Sean, has a lot of anger and hatred. My new husband, is not a real believer and I really want him to believe so I can continue with what I have to do. I looked at this whole situation as... "If everyone had some type of healing then that would be a great gift for me. There was nothing I wanted for my self. I thought I was the way God intended me to be and I prayed for gifts for everyone else. I looked at it as God would give me a gift if he answered my prayer to help others.

By the way, God has a great sense of humor.

My oldest brother, Ed, was speaking something and crying. Very strange for a guy his size. Mike was twitching and raising off the floor. Sean, said a lady was touching his back and rubbing all over it. I asked him to describe the lady and no one remembers a lady that fits her description. He no longer coughs and breath easier. He has not been able to do so since he was sick ten years ago.

Sean also was touch by you on Saturday night and he laid on the floor with his right hand opened on his chest, his left hand on the floor in a tight fist and his body twitched. Since that night he has been so nice. He always has me laughing. He speaks to people who are a different color. He has been helpful to so many and he likes doing it. This was the boy who hated everything and everyone. Everything had to benefit him. Now he is doing for others. He has not been this way for about ten years. He is only eighteen and it is so wonderful to see he is now enjoy life.

Me, well, God did not answer my prayers completely, as of yet. I believe he will but it will take some time. However, something happened to me. You kept asking for people who had back problems to come forward. I did not want to come forward because I was not there for myself. I was there for everyone but me. My husband told me to go up. "What do you have to lose", he said. Saturday night, you touched me and I broke out in a sweat. I am always cold and I do not sweat easily. I am the only person I know who needs to wear a sweater all year. Not only once did you touch me but twice and I broke into a sweat both times. My clothes and my hair were still wet when I left the church that night.

I have a metal plate and screws in my neck from a disc fusion I need to have. I have not been able to turn my head very far. I ruptured a disc in my spine and the doctors told me that the damage that had occurred was not fix-able but I had to have the fusion to prevent further damage. I would have to live with the intense pain. I had pain in my lower back for years and I found out last year I had a curved spine and the pain in my hip and leg was cause from the curve. I had a heel spur in my left foot and every morning when I woke I would limp for about an hour.

My neck and back were feeling pretty good Saturday night.

I have a new puppy. I woke early on Sunday to take the puppy out side. I was rushing to get her out side and I was half a sleep. I was in the yard when it dawned on me I was not limping I was moving around in every manner very easily. I had to laugh and I was jogging all around the yard.

I am keeping my promise. I pray every day for you and your family.

I thank you for your time. May God bless you and your family in many ways.

Ryan, Medical Student, UC Irvine Medical School

Tuesday, September 022008

Be Transformed... What a weekend… SCRC Convention in Anaheim, Ca. was amazing, good Spirit-filled….Theme: “Be Tranformed”- taken from Romans 12:1-2 “I urge you therefore brothers by the mercies of God to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God your spiritual worship. Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that you may discern what is the will of God what is good and pleasing and perfect.”

All I can say is that God moved with His Spirit and touched many lives this past weekend. People were healed, including me. Praise God! The Youth and Young Adults experienced God’s loving mercy and forgiveness like no other. Can’t describe how people felt but just knew in my heart that people were at peace.

On the account of the healing that I received… here you go… My eyes twitched and move side to side as in I’m looking at a person or in lecture or staring my eyes move around. It’s not lazy eye but something going on with my nerve circuit and eye muscles. This has been going on for the past year or so and really developed over the past few months of spring and summer quarters.. I thought it was the usual lack of sleep but its not because when I sleep it comes back anyway. So over the weekend I went to a talked called “I am the Lordyour healer” given by Bro. Bob Canton from Stockton, Ca.. Bro. Bob is has a blessed healing ministry and travels all over the world and conducts healing services everywhere and where God’s name is called upon, healings and miracles happen. Well anyway we were just praying for one another and he mentioned “for those who have glasses take them off and we’ll pray for the eyes.” So we prayed in the Spirit for a while and healings came : healings of glaucoma, lazy eye and other eye problems were healed. But for mewhile in prayer I felt like a sharp object or knife or laser or something go through my eyes from left to right. It didn’t hurt or anything but something was just there. After I opened my eyes and I was able to see better without any trouble. My eyes didn’t shake anymore and I just felt the Holy Spirit upon me and I knew in my heart that I was healed from whatever problem I had in my eyes. So in the end… PRAISE GOD!!!!

Believe it or not cuz I do… it is your choice… but here’s one thing… from any minor to major problems in our lives we all need healing no matter what even if we think our lives are good and stable. We need healing within finances, emotions, physical, relationship, family you name it , we probably need a healing in there too. My eye movements seems so minor to other problems people face but in the end if God allows suffering to happen He does it for a reason not because of chastisement or punishment but for growth within a person’s faith and relationship with Him. God’s love and mercy is abundant and He gives for our benefit. John 10:10 says “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” Jesus gave us life to live it properly and carefully but as sinners we fail miserably so therefore only by God’s grace are we made whole again and transformed to be better people, better children of God.

As the theme for the weekend was “Be transformed” many of the healings and the experiences that people felt over these past few days were for our transformation for the better. God refines us in ways we don’t understand because our human intellect is limited. But in surrendering to God’s power through the Holy Spirit, one will be transformed and be strengthened to be an instrument of God.

This related to Liwanag’s summer theme: “Lift up your Hearts”… as we lift up our heartsmindsand lives to God…. We surrender everything to Him and allow Him to change our lives. In other words we give it to Him. Let go and let God we are transformed in mind ,heart ,and soul so that by word and deed our lives become the “light” the Light of Godin which our ministry is about. Touching others, lifting up one another so that all of us will be closer to God and be made saints. We all have a long way to go to become saints but the process of fulfilling it is already in progress as we try to live a holy life to be transformed for our own benefit.