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Healing: Congestive Heart Failure

I will try to attempt to be brief in my testimony. And I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ shall help me word it in a way to inspire anyone who reads it, hope, faith and love for Jesus.I am 63 years old. On March 8, 2012 I had a severe heart attack, which resulted in my having to undergo quintuple coronary bypass surgery, after which I spent six weeks in a cardiac rehabilitation therapy facility in order to strengthen my heart.

Needless to say, this entire experience was a difficult challenge, taxing me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The ensuing heart tests indicated a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, which required the need for me to take diuretic medicine to help eliminate fluid build-up in my body. This meant that my heart was not strong enough to help eliminate the retained fluid, which could fill up in my lungs and keep me from breathing. Whenever I did not take the medicine, I would notice the swelling in my legs and feet, and ultimately shortness of breath in my lungs. Obviously, this meant I would continue to, and always have to use the diuretic.

In October of 2012, I was invited by my friend Bob, a very devoted Catholic, to attend your healing service on October 9, 2012 at St. Edward The Confessor, in Clifton Part NY. Your service and sermon were very inspirational to me. But even though I could feel the presence of Jesus, I was having my doubts as to whether or not Jesus would heal me in any way through you. But as I stood with the gathering of others around you, praying with them for healing, I could undoubtedly feel powerful Jesus' presence as each person fell back into the arms of the catchers. When you turned to face me, you asked for what condition I needed healing, and I spoke the words "congestive heart failure". You placed your hand in front of my chest, and as you began to pray you tapped lightly on my chest. Immediately, I was overcome by the Holy Spirit's pouring into my body, overtaking me as I unintentionally, without thought fell backward into the arms of the catchers. Laying there, eyes closed, I was feeling the warm and peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I think this feeling of the Holy Spirit in me that evening is indescribable to anyone who hasn't yet experienced it. I am so thankful to you, and for the mercy and love from Jesus!

Now for the best part. (Actually, all of it is the best) After that night, I started noticing that physically, I felt less of a need to take the diuretic medicine, so I started experimenting with not taking the medicine. Within days, I found that there was no swelling in my legs or ankles, no shortness of breath, and no need to take the medicine! This has been OK'd by my doctors when I saw him a few weeks later and after he had performed tests on me. Ever since then, I have not taken the medications. I just don't need to take it anymore. Praise Jesus Christ!I thank God for you. And I thank God for my friend Bob for inviting me and being present in prayer while you prayed for me.Bob, in closing, I would like to say may God continue to bless and protect you in your ministry and travels. I will pray for you. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Patrick Cassady, Clifton Park, N.Y.

Instant Healing of Deafness

I was not able to hear properly for more than 10 years. Then I started using hearing aids for the past 2 years because I became totally deaf in both ears. At times I also didn’t manage to hear well in spite of using hearing aids.

While attending daily mass, I learned that Bob Canton was coming to Kuching to conduct workshop on Healing and Spiritual Warfare at Blessed Sacrament Center for 3 successive days. I didn’t manage to get a place because they could only accomodate 500 people for the Workshop and two weeks before the event,it was totally booked with a long waiting list. But I decided that I must attend the Healing Rally in the Church. So I went for the Rally on the 1st night (04/12/2013). The church was fully packed, standing room only, and many had to stand outside of the Church.

When Bob Canton called for those with hearing problems, I quickly got up and somehow found my way to the altar as there was a long queue. When Bob Canton saw me, he called for me, but I didn’t feel nice to jump the queue until one of the organizing committee members led me to him. He asked me what my problem was. I told him I could not hear properly and needed hearing aids for both ears. I was asked to remove them and Bob prayed over me and commanded the deafness to go in Jesus' Name. At that moment, I really felt the presence of the Lord! Immediately I could hear very much better. Since then I do not need my hearing aids anymore! Praise the Lord for healing me and glory be to God.

Wivina Poh S.L.
St. Joseph Cathedral
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Healing of Thyroid Problem

Hi Bob,

My name is Ann Fernandez, I had a hyperthyroid problem and taking medications for a long time.

I attended the Mass and Healing Service last Feb. 16, 2013 at St. Luke's Parish in Stockton. I've heard about it from my cousin who lives in Stockton. He said many have been healed by attending the Mass and Healing Service in your place. During the Service, you announced that "someone was getting healed of thyroid problem by the Lord." I came up for prayers, and you and your wife prayed with me. You told me to "rejoice because Jesus was releasing His healing power unto me." Then, I fell down on the floor. I felt "warmth" all over my body.

I was seen by the thyroid specialist four days later, on Feb. 20th and he ordered blood test for me. The next day, Feb. 21st - The doctor told me to stop taking the thyroid medications. He said the medications are no longer necessary because the tests show normal results.

I am now rejoicing as you have told me to do. I felt much closer to the Lord. All my family members and friends are really amazed.

Many of my friends are coming to Stockton on the next Mass and Healing Service on March 16th.


Ann Fernandez
Fairfield, Ca.

Healing of Cancer

Dear Mr. Canton,

Last year during your Healing Workshop here in St. Francis of Assisi Church in Las Vegas, I asked you to pray for the healings of my breast cancer and the disability of my spine and other ailments.

A month and a half after you prayed over me, in November 2012, I went to my oncologistfor check-ups. He ordered for me to have an MRI and scan and other tests. After all the tests results came in, the doctor told me, "I have great news for you. The cancer is no longer present in your body." Yes, I've been cancer free. My spine was also healed and I don't have any more back pain. My blood pressure has also been normal. My doctors ordered me not to take any more high blood pressure medications.

Thank you very much for your prayers for me. I am so happy, and I've been telling my relatives and friends what happened to me after the Healing Workshop. I thank God everyday and I've been praying for you and your ministry. May He always bless you and your good work and your ministry.

Lulu J. Dimain

Ben's Healing Testimony

Bro Bob,

About 3 weeks ago, I felt a big lump just below my breastbones while my wife, Lorna and I were visiting our daughters and my relatives in Long Beach. My wife and some of my relatives felt the big lump and of course, we were all very concerned, especially me and my wife and my daughters. When we came back in Stockton, we made appointment to see my doctor right away. A Nurse Practitioner examined me and she said that she also felt a "mass" or a big lump which was hard. She then ordered for me to have a CT Scan to determine exactly the nature of the lump. I then called you and I asked you to pray over me over the telephone. After saying your prayers and commanding the lump to completely disappear from my body in the Name of Jesus, you said that the Lord spoke into your heart telling me not to worry because the tumor is gone. Then you asked me to feel the lump if it was still there. Honestly, I could hardly feel the lump nor the hard tissue that was there before. I could not help it but I shed tears of joy. I had to admit, though, that that my wife and I were not 100% sure that the tumor was totally gone. In the morning of May 23rd, after attending Mass at St. Luke's, you prayed over me again in the parking lot and you gave me the same message, "not to worry because the Lord had completely taken the tumor out." Then my wife and I went straight from St.Luke's Church to Stockton MRI Imaging for the Cat Scan. Five days later, during the Intercessory group's meeting at Vicky's and Mark's place, you and some of the people in our prayer group, including Fr. Joe Maghinay, the assistant pastor for the Church of Presentation, laid hands on me again. I could never forget what you told me that evening; the tumor was totally gone and to have complete faith and trust in our Divine Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ and not to doubt anymore. I could see that you were very sure of what you said. On Friday morning, May 31st, we were together again to buy some cherries in Lodi. On the way home, as we were praying, you told me and my wife that "Today you will get a great report from your doctor." That afternoon, my wife and I saw Dr. Kamali, our family doctor. He told us that the results of the CT Scan were negative. No tumor was found! My wife, Lorna, asked the doctor what happened because a tumor was definitely there, and even the Nurse Practitioner and my brother-in-law who is a Registered Nurse, had felt it. Dr. Kamali told my wife that the CT Scan results show no tumor, and that settles it. Brod Bob, you could not imagine the joy that we feel until now. Yes, Jesus is my Divine Doctor and He truly loves me, He truly loves us, and He answers prayers. Thank you for being our friend and thank you for praying for me. I also thank our brothers and sisters in the Children of God Prayer Group for praying for me. I will give you a copy of the Cat Scan result and Dr. Kamali's report for your records.

Your brother in Christ,
Ben Achiles
Stockton, Ca.

Healing of Chronic Sinusitis

In March 2012, I had a sinus infection in my right nostril. It started with a persistent leakage of pus followed by painful congestion in my forehead, eye and cheek areas. My condition gradually worsened as I was not responding to the numerous antibiotics and medications I was prescribed for. All praise and thanks to our merciful God, nasal cancer was ruled out after a series of tests and scans. In February this year, I had to undergo surgery for the condition which by this time had become chronic sinusitis. However, a month after the surgery, I was no better. My nostril was still leaking pus, I was still changing antibiotics, put on steroids and visiting the doctor weekly to drain out the pus. My case was eventually assigned to a Professor-Doctor at the hospital. He expressed surprise that I was still not well and made changes to my medications yet again. By this time, I was miserable and frustrated that all the medications I had been taking were not working on me. The leakage had become extremely profuse and my nose was sore from the endless blowing and wiping it had been subjected to. Seeing me so, my sister felt I needed Divine healing and encouraged me to attend your 19 April 2013 healing rally which was being held in my parish of the Church of the Risen Christ in Toa Payoh, Singapore and I looked forward to it. It so happened that I saw the Professor-Doctor on 18 April and he put me on new antibiotics for a two-week course. I started my new antibiotics on the morning of 19 April and was devastated I wasn’t going to make it to your healing rally that night when I suffered from gastritis and nausea. In the evening, my sister asked if I was attending the rally and I told her about the side effects of the medications I was experiencing.

During the rally attended by some 2,000 plus, my sister told me later on, you announced that the Lord was healing people with sinus infections and then you prayed for those with sinus infections. My sister stood in for me. This what you told my sister, "Tell your sister to thank the Lord for what He is doing to her right now for nothing is impossible for God." That night at home, I prayed that Jesus would touch me and all who had come to your rally with His healing Hand.The next day, the leakage had subsided considerably and suddenly on that same evening, I felt air passing through my right nostril and the thought came to me that my nostril was dry and I was healed! When I blew my nose and absolutely nothing came out, it was such a profound moment for me as I fell to my knees exclaiming, “My Lord and my God! Thank You, Jesus for healing me and freeing me from this chronic condition!” A great weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was filled with unbelievable joy and peace.When I was examined on 2 May, the Professor-Doctor was amazed at my incredible recovery and commented that my sinuses looked so normal, it was as if I never ever had a sinus problem at all. He said he just did not have an explanation for it. God bless you, Bob Canton & your Healing Ministry, and may the Holy Spirit continue to empower you as you minister (whether conveniently or inconveniently) to people all over the world.It’s been seven weeks since I was miraculously healed and joy is still bubbling over in my heart! We are looking forward to your coming back to Singapore next year. Praise the Lord! How great indeed is our God

Agnes Lee Block
Singapore 310200

Pregnancy in Jesus' Name!

My Sister-in law had a miscarriage and she became very depressed and she blamed herself for it . It took her a while to get a little better emotionally and then she became pregnant again. However, she had another miscarriage. She took the second miscarriage much harder then the first one and she was devastated emotionally and mentally. She felt that she could not bear a child again nor she could carry a pregnancy to full term. I took her to your Mass and Healing Service at St. Luke's Parish in Stockton. Bob, when you prayed over her, you told her to give those two miscarried babies names and to forgive herself because the Lord wanted her to do so. How you seemed to know about her and her mental and emotional conditions at that time, still puzzles me. You then thanked the Lord for those babies and for welcoming them into His Kingdom and "for giving them eternal rest." Bob, I was amazed when you told my sister-in-law, through your word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, that she had "a curse to bareness" into her life. You then broke the curse in the name and by the blood of Jesus, and you "commanded" a blessing of fertility into her life by the power of the Holy Spirit. I was equally amazed when you asked God to do unto my sister-in-law what He did to Sarah and to Elizabeth in their old age. We praised the Lord when you told us after you prayed over her that "the Lord is doing great things for my sister-in-law, so don't worry, and keep on thanking and praising the Lord." Bob, I'm happy to inform you that she got pregnant 7 months after we attended the Mass and Healing Service in St. Luke's Parish. Now she is holding a precious 2 month old healthy baby boy in her arms. For sure, he is a bundle of joy, another precious gift from God to our family. We plan to come again during the June 2013 Mass and Healing Service in your parish to give our testimony personally and to thank you for your prayers for her and for us. The impossible becomes possible with JESUS. He gives us what we can not give to ourselves. Praise Jesus now and forever, Amen.

Rosario C./ Antioch, California

Deliverance from Lung Cancer

Hi Bob,

Thank you for praying for my Dad's healing and deliverance from lung cancer. The following is our testimony of God's miraculous healing power.

My Dad, Larry Ecker, received a Goliath of a diagnosis on April 13, 2012--Stage IV Adenocarcinoma lung cancer metastasized to spine and a few bones. This diagnosis was very surprising as Dad, a non-smoker, did not have any symptoms except for back pain. The spinal tumor had fractured two vertebras which required surgery. Due to the back pain, Dad was on pain medication every four hours. Sitting in a chair or walking became very difficult. Bending over was nearly impossible.

The words from the Lord that you shared with my Dad at the beginning of this journey of healing were: "Do no despair, do not despair, do not let this enemy come against you. Know that in me, there is victory, victory, victory. Hang on to me."

We took Dad to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for radiation and chemotherapy. Dad had five radiation treatments during the first week of May 2012. After the second treatment, instead of pushing Dad in a wheelchair to the radiation room, I was pushing the wheelchair full of our belongings and trying to keep up with Dad as he walked quickly to the radiation room. After the radiation treatments were completed, Dad asked the radiation oncologist if he would be able to drive his tractor again. The radiation oncologist was very cautious with his reply, sharing the news that the spinal tumor was within 1-2 millimeters of the spinal cord.

Before Dad started his first round of chemotherapy on May 24, 2012, you shared the following words from the Lord: "My son, let not your heart be troubled, I am with you and you'll be amazed at what I will do."

By May 28, Dad no longer needed the pain medication and was back driving his tractor in the fields. Dad continued his chemotherapy treatments at Mayo Clinic during the summer. He did extremely well with the treatments, often eating Mexican food the next day after the treatment. He continued to work in the fields throughout the summer. We were shouting praises to God when on July 26, 2012, the CT scan showed a 40% reduction of the lung tumor.

On October 4, 2012, Dad was scheduled for a CT scan. I received the words from the Lord in the early morning hours, "Do not be disappointed." I was puzzled because we all expected a GOOD REPORT since the last CT scan indicated a 40% tumor reduction. We met with the medical oncologist after the CT scan and received the news that the lung tumor had returned to its original size which indicates the cancer is aggressive and this particular chemo is no longer effective. Prior to our departure for Mayo Clnic, my brother had received the following words from the Lord "Do not believe the report." He was afraid to share it with us as we were all expecting a GOOD REPORT! Now the words from the Lord made sense.

Dad started a new chemotherapy drug in mid-October. The side effects were more challenging however, Dad continued to persevere with the Lord's strength and grace. A CT scan on November 28 indicated the lung tumor remained the same size which was great news. Dad continued his treatments even though it was rough. A February 4, 2013 CT scan indicated the lung tumor continued to show no signs of growth; another good report! During this appointment with the medical oncologist, he recommended a clinical study for Dad which would require tissue from the lung tumor. Since there was not enough tumor tissue left over from the May 2012 lung tumor biopsy, surgery was scheduled for March 5.

On March 5, 2013, a Mayo Clinic surgeon inserted a scope into Dad's lungs to take photographs of the tumor and to remove some tissue for the clinical study. The surgeon told us that he was unable to obtain any tissue due to lack of tumor burden. He scoped the entire lung, all clear and lymph glands were clear. The tumor had become scar tissue. He said without the camera to confirm the tumor had become scar tissue, future CT scans would show the scar tissue as the tumor! All PRAISE TO GOD! The next day, the medical oncologist said to my Dad, "I continue to be amazed with you." Those words reminded me of the words Bob had received on May 24, 2012 that we would be amazed at what the Lord would do. Indeed, we were! The Lord had turned the tumor into scar tissue!!

Dad returned to Mayo Clinic on April 4, 2013 for a P.E.T. scan. We received the results: "There is no visual evidence of active cancer in your body." The lung tumor, spinal tumor and cancerous spots on other bones were GONE!! It is truly a miracle and we praise God and give Him the glory!

Thank you Bob for all your prayers and standing with us during this journey of healing. The words you received from the Lord provided direction, comfort and peace. Yes, we found victory, victory, victory in the Lord and we continue to be amazed at what the Lord has done!

Cindy Scheublein
Stockton, California