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Frances, Singapore – 3rd April 2010

I have not attended any healing rally. However I have been saying your Healing and Keeping Prayer daily since my CT scan shown three nodules in my abdomen seven months ago. They were discovered after I have completed my surgery and radiation therapy for cancer of the cervix. My husband also stood in for me during the healing rally at the Church of the Risen Christ.

Another CT scan was performed recently after I had completed two cycles of chemotherapy and undergone an emergency operation for acute intestinal obstruction. The recent CT scan shows that there is no lump present in my abdomen and all my other major organs.

I want to thank God, our loving and merciful father for his divine healing, blessings, ceaseless love and unfailing support for me during this most difficult and stressful time of my life. He is a living god in my life, Praise the Lord!

Marjorie from Menomonee Falls, WI

On June 7, 2008, I was at the Healing Retreat in New Berlin, WI. I was expecting great things and I knew the Lord was working in my life. Bob prayed over me and I was able to hear. He asked me to walk without my cane and I did!! Since then, I HAVE NOT USED MY CANE AND HEARING AIDS ANYMORE!

I broke my back 2 years ago and the doctors said they could not do anything anymore. But JESUS, the Divine physician, can do anything!

I was so excited when I went back to my nursing home. I felt like I was bursting out of my skin. I kept sharing what the Lord has done.


John from Wisconsin

At the Healing Service, Bob asked those with deafness to come forward and I did. I used to wear hearing aids in both ears. Then he put his fingers in my ears, I felt a pop, then things sounded louder and clearer.


Jessy at Bumi Suria Ventures, Sdn Bhd

I would like to share my testimonial with you when I attended the healing mass during last June 2008. Actually, I could not believe myself that my mum actually agreed to attend the mass. We are from a family of strong Taoist. My family would not believe in Christ and not to say allowing me to attend any fellowship at the church.

I studied in St Mary's School since primary 1. I was exposed to bible class when I was in my secondary school. So, from there I have some ideas about the bible study although it wasn't a thorough one. I also could not explain why I am so interested in it and one day I told my parents about my intention to be a Christian. Of course, like normal people do I am obviously being rejected by my family. I have friends who are from Methodist church also came to my house to explain to my parents but then left our house not too long after their conversation. My parents objected and they strongly believe that if you are born in family of your religion, then you must follow what your ancestor's religion. So, my intention has been KIV from then.

12 years later (which are now 2008), I came across the brochure about the healing mass organized by the Blessed Sacrament Church. I immediately noted down the dates and I took the right time to speak to my mum about it. She has been not well (on-off sickness) all the while. So I told her that perhaps it is the time for us to seek for Jesus' help instead of our existing deity (in Taoism term). I was nervous. I just tried my luck. I am so surprised that she agreed. When the day came, one night before the healing mass I told my mum that if she thought of wanting to attend the mass just get ready and I will be going home from work early and took her there. On the way back home on the actual day, I left my work place early and didn't think much about it because I have been rejected before. I am so surprised that she was so ready with everything when I stepped into the house. So, I quickly took my bath and headed to the church.

On the first healing night at the church, my mum was prayed by Brother Bob Canton. She was so happy because she was healed. Her left eye was blind since she was at my age. She was beaten by her sister-in-law. When Brother Bob prayed for her, she said she could see clearer. Previously, she saw many figures in her eyes as the figures are not focused. Although she is still seeing several figures, but she said at least her vision is clearer. As for me, I didn't get to be prayed by Brother Bob. I was prayed by one guy (I forgot his name) on the first night. As he laid his hand on my forehead I smelt fragrance of flowers flavor. Well, I though it must be the perfume used by that guy. I missed the second night healing mass. I attended the last day of the healing mass. My mum and I were sat at the last row and the end of the church. There were more crowds than the first night. People are sweating and there were body odour everywhere. Duringthe healing prayers, I smelt the same fragrance which I smelt on the first night. I was shocked. It can't be the perfume of than guy can travel so far up to the place I sat. I asked my mum whether she smelt any flowerfragrance. She said no. I knew it must be the smell from God. I am so happy.

After the session, one day I told my mum that I actually intended to attend the bible class to learn more about Christianity. She agreed. So, I am attending my 4th session of the RCIA now. I am glad that the miracle happens. Although my dad and my hubby still disagree with my intention, I don't mind. At least there is a change to my mum's thinking as she was once strongly disagreeing with this religion.


My hearing loss due to bone deterioration along with nerve damage to both ears has been a miserable journey for the past 34 years. It has gotten to the point of no hope. My ENT doctor, told me that my condition was irreversible and to expect to be totally deaf someday. I am Portuguese and very stubborn. I refuse to accept his diagnosis cause I know Jesus, our healer can heal anyone at anytime. I have been to many healing services, including your first trip to Hawaii and nothing happened. Being who I am I continued to pray for healing.

On August 2, 2008 at our HCCRS Conference, I again went up to be prayed over by you and when I returned to my seat the music was so loud I immediately removed the hearing aid from my right ear. All praises to our LIVING GOD!, my hearing in both ears is almost normal.

On August 6, 2008, four days later, I had my ears tested by a certified hearing instrument specialist, Mr. Michael S. Baughn/BC-HIS, whom I trust. He was astounded at the results and his exact words were, "Oh, Wow!." His blue eyes were as big as the size of quarters. Yes, my Jesus in seconds gave me back most of my hearing that I had lost over the years.

Mr. Baughn said that it was impossible for the deteriorated bones to heal. However, I still have nerve damage. This I know in time will also be healed. Praise God! He jokingly asked me if he could send some of his patients to our healing services. He also said if anyone wants to verify his test on me, he would more than gladly provide the proof if I would authorize it.

Thank you Jesus! and thank you Bob.

Bro Christopher, Sarawak, Malaysia

Dear Brother and Sisters, before i attended the healing prayer, I was diagnosed with a kidney impairment. After I heard this diagnosis, I was determined to attend the healing mass at Blessed Sacrament in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. After the healing mass, i tried to walk down the altar to be prayed over but someone stopped me along the way. However, Brother Bob Canton announced that someone's kidney was being healed by the Lord. When i went for medical check-up, the doctor told me that my kidneys are back to normal. He said that the kidneys are like brand new. The result of the ultrasound scanning amazed me with God's wonders and His healing touch on me. I'm grateful that i am free from the torture and the pain that caused me feeling down. THANKS TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!




I just want to give you a Praise Report from the Healing Service which you held at Holy Family Church in Glendale on June 20. I have received many healings from the Lord -- I do keep him busy! (smile) and I would like to share with you the one I received that night. I was very surprised when you asked if anyone was suffering from TMJ and for a moment hesitated to acknowledge that I had been suffering for almost 2 months with TMJ -- it was painful to open my mouth and to eat. I had received treatment from my chiropractor but it did not help. Pain killing medication also did not help and I was preparing to see the dentist in case there was a problem with my tooth. I decided to go up to be prayed over. By the time you had finished praying over me the pain disappeared and has never returned. PRAISE BE TO GOD! Thank you for being such a wonderful instrument of God.

Healing rally – February 18, 2009 (name withheld)

I just attended a wonderful healing rally by Robert Canton over the last two nights at the Church of the Risen Christ. This is the first time I am attending something to do with healing at a church. The energy, when we walked in, was really strong, and there was an air of expectancy all around.

The first day, we were a little late, but still, the ushers greeted us happily, and we managed to get a pretty good seat near the band. They had started off with some praise and worship songs, and I know that he wasn’t used to this sort of atmosphere in a church, and honestly, I was also surprised as I usually only saw the more sombre side of the catholic church when I followed him for mass. After a while he was alright though, and he started tearing. I did too, but I guess I do not like to show it in public, so I kind of held it back. But it was kind of uncontrollable, perhaps it was the music, but the presence of the Holy Spirit was definitely there.

So after the songs, Bob appeared on stage, and talked a bit about himself, and got some people who had experienced healings to give testimonies. It sounds amazing, but what we would see later on would be more amazing. Bob emphasised though, that he is not the healer, that the healings came from God, and he is just there to pray for the person.

The healings started, and many miracles happened. Many people had come in wheelchairs, and amazingly, all of them got out of it, even one who was paralysed. She was still having problems with her speech, but she got out of her chair. Most of them walked quite a distance, amazing considering they had not gotten out of their wheelchairs for years. And there was this little boy, I think he was the inspiration for the day. He was so happy to be out of his wheelchair without any help, he walked round and round the church and praised the Lord.

The second day, he brought his mum, and more miracles happened, but what was close to my heart for me, was that he and his mum went up, and experienced the healing themselves. I guess this sort of thing, you truly feel touched when someone close, or yourself actually experience it. In fact, I think many people went back and told others, because the second day, we were early, but it was already packed and we almost couldn’t find a seat.

I thank God for Bob Canton, for coming to Singapore to give this healing rally. God is awesome, He truly is.