ICCRS Council Meeting 2013

Oreste Pesare

How many were the graces we received during the past Council Meeting of ICCRS, held in Bethlehem last November 18-23, 2013, just after the wonderful Prophetic Consultation that we lived with about 160 leaders from every part of the world (see ICCRS NL I/2014).

The first day was completely dedicated to a special encounter that we called ICCRS Large Council Meeting, including members of the ICCRS Continental Sub Committees: AFSCI (ICCRS Sub Committee for Africa), ESCI (ICCRS Sub Committee for Europe) and ISAO (ICCRS Sub Committee for Asia and Oceania). On that day we were also blessed by the presence of one of our Bishops, friend of ICCRS, and by the presence of the 'official' collaborators of ICCRS in the area of 'Formation', 'Doctrinal Commission' and 'University of the Holy Spirit'.

This one day meeting was the occasion to present to all our Continental Sub Committee members the 'vision' of ICCRS regarding our service offered to the Charismatic Renewal within the Catholic Church. Time was also dedicated to 'dream' together about the developments of the formation of the leaders in CCR and the call to unity among the various streams and realities in CCR (groups, communities, schools of evangelization, ministries, etc.). Both these aspects are at the front line among the pastoral activities of ICCRS especially looking at the great challenge of the upcoming Jubilee of the Renewal in 2017, that will see all our Movement together in celebrating 50 years of life in the Catholic Church.

The proper ICCRS Council Meeting started with the official welcoming of Fr. Wojciech Nowacki, new councilor for Eastern Europe. Key topics in our agenda were:

I. Reflections on the Bethlehem Prophetic Consultation;
II. President's report on her worldwide ministry;
III. The necessity to stabilize our finances;
IV. Administration matters;
V. ICCRS Formation activities and the 'University of the Holy Spirit' project developments;
VI. The upcoming events, such as the 'Colloquium on the Ministry of Deliverance' and the 'Great Gathering of the CCR Family in Africa' in 2014, the 'Worldwide Priests' Retreat' in 2015, and the setting up of an Organizing Committee for the 2017 CCR Jubilee;
VII. The Council has also placed a high priority on the project 'Pentecost of the Nations', as an answer to the call of the Lord for all the Renewal to promote the Pentecost novena and the celebration of the Holy Spirit all over the world

Another important area of attention about ICCRS mandate that took considerable time in our Council Meeting was the review of our Committees and Sub Committees, and finally the elections for a new three year term. Elections for four councilors took place: Michelle Moran has been re-elected for a third term as President; Jude Muscat has been re-elected for a second term as councilor for Southern Europe; Bob Canton has been re-elected for a third term as councilor for English speaking Central and North America and Caribbean; Br. James Shin has been re-elected for a third term as councilor for Southern Asia. ICCRS Council has a clear understanding of how great the challenges are before us. For this we ask all our readers to accompany us in our mission with a strong and continuous intercessory prayer. All for the glory of God the Father. Amen.